On one of our last days on the west end, I walked past a four or five year old kid, sitting dejectedly on his scooter, missing one shoe. He was looking up at his dad, who was maybe 10 meters away on the sidewalk, and this kid was saying, "We're never, ever, ever going to get there." The dad looked at me, slightly embarrassed, and said, "No, we're definitely going to get there. Just pick up your shoe first." I know how he feels. The kid, that is. I guess Jon could be the dad, but he'd be more like "Liz, people are staring at us. Don't look at me, I'm pretending I'm not with you right now." We had really hoped to open up the new shop for this Saturday, May 16th, but we're not going to make it. Instead, we're going to open up on Friday, May 22 and welcome you to come visit as things may still look a bit hairy-cairy. *Edit I originally wrote Tuesday, May 19, however, seconds too late! We received word that we won't be able to open until Friday. We're going to have a bit more of a grand re-opening celebration on Saturday, May 23rd, and we will have door prizes and give-aways and some surprises. Please come and check out the new space and all of our hard work! We will be open from 11-6. Despite the delay, things are coming together. We have, according to Jon, 99% of everything moved. Our packing area is looking a bit intense with all of the shop furniture, packing area furniture and some of our apartment furniture sardined in there. And as things come together, we're pretty excited about what's to come for us, although a bit daunted by the prospect of moving all the furniture into the shop once it's finally ready.
Wonder Pens New Location 250 Carlaw Unit 105
I don't know whose brilliant idea it was to pack up our shop inventory all willy-nilly, but it has been a giant Where's Waldo puzzle every time we need to pack an order. I used to think I have a pretty good memory, but I honestly have no idea in which box I've packed some of these items. The next time we move (i.e. never) we are hiring professional organizers who are going to bring their tupperware containers and label makers.  And while we're always grateful and so pleased to see new customers coming through our online shop, we're even more grateful for our regular customers who have been following along with the move, and who have been so gracious as to leave comments on their orders wishing us good luck with the moving and unpacking, and extending their patience with us as we've been a bit delayed in getting orders out.
Wonder Pens New Location 250 Carlaw Avenue Unit 105
Wonder Pens New Location 250 Carlaw Avenue Unit 105
And wouldn't you know, we still have a few un-killable plants just waiting for some love. They have thrived thus far on hope and the moisture in the air, but don't worry, I think we packed the watering can somewhere.

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May 14, 2015 — wonderpens


Wonder Pens

Wonder Pens said:

Haha, I think Super has been pretty sad to see his toys all packed away, and still not unpacked! But we’re working on it :)


Ruth said:

I think it’s nothing short of heroic that you are managing two moves and still keeping up with on-line orders. Bravo! And a pat on the head for the long-suffering pup. :)

Jessica W (@jwrekso)

Jessica W (@jwrekso) said:

It looks like Super is incredibly sad that he has to sleep on the floor since your couch is still nicely wrapped and tucked away! Glad you still have time to keep us updated!

Wonder Pens

Wonder Pens said:

As usual, you are too kind! The managing of the moves has been a bit by-the-seat-of-our-pants, but we’re all here in one piece, except for a few potted plants… :)

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