As I'm sure you know if you've followed the blog for any length of time at all, Super was the centre of our lives long before the arrival of the human pup. Super is a pretty terrible dog most of the time; he barks at everyone and everything, even himself when he wakes himself with his own barking in his sleep. He's had more than a few trips to the emergency vet, mostly because he's so smart, he's like a raccoon, but so dumb at the same time. He once had to have his stomach pumped for eating a box of raisins followed by a a giant bar of pure chocolate, and the vet's first comment after that was, "okay, so that was a lot of raisins..." This was alright when he was, you know, the sun around which all other planets rotated. We were a little worried about what would happen when we brought the baby home, but actually we've been pleasantly surprised! I guess that's what happens when you have low expectations. They hang out together basically the entire day, and it alternates between Caleb watching the dog do something he's not supposed to do, or the dog watching Caleb do something he's not supposed to do. Their latest thing is Caleb feeding Super. We have this "rule" where Super is only allowed to eat when food is given from the hand, not random scraps of food he finds on the floor - a rule that's basically only followed when someone (adult) is watching. Super has learned pretty quickly that the best way to get free treats is to hang around the baby as much as possible. At meal time, Super has to sit at least two or three feet away from Caleb in his high chair, since Caleb will pass over one pasta bowtie at a time over the side if we're not watching. Super will inch closer and closer until his nose will just barely touch Caleb's finger tips. When Super's too far away, Caleb will casually drop some broccoli on the floor and look at the dog. The dog looks from the broccoli on the floor up to us, staring in quiet desperation. Life is tough sometimes, don't we all know it. But Cheerios, I guess, are made for sharing. Caleb is currently operating on a three-for-me-one-for-you ratio.
  And just for fun, this hilarious picture of the baby...

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August 01, 2015 — wonderpens



Liz said:

Thanks for sharing! How adorable…I only wish Caleb could sleep so soundly :)


Ruth said:

I think babies and Labradors were meant to be together, in the grand scheme of things…:)


Liz said:

Yes! Definitely. I think every baby needs a furry friend :)


bruce said:

lol, made my day :)

sure you may have seen this by now, but just in case… allie and I thought you would appreciate it.

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