These are wild times.

Literally today, on our way into the main shop, there we saw a man being repelled from a restaurant a few doors down from us, and then shortly after, trying to break into another restaurant across the street from us. Jon was about to call the cops, but someone inside the restaurant had already called the cops and there was an arrest.

Also, a few days ago Super got his paw caught on the fire escape grill coming down and he started panic-shriek-howling. I understand everyone’s natural inclination is to worry about Super’s paw oh the poor baby is he okay, but let me tell you, it is an understatement to say he is a drama queen. Neighbours came out of their quarantine extremely concerned because it sounded like an animal was being tortured, or at the very least broke his skinny leg or something. Super is completely 100% okay.

Also, someone stole our green bin. When Jon called 311, they said, “you’d be surprised, it happens all the time.” When you have two kids and a dog, life is not the same without a green bin. You can’t even put stuff outside because there are mutant scavenger raccoons. We now know this for a fact (aside from the fact that a year ago we had to chicken wire off the upstairs terrace because Super cornered a family underneath the deck boards and was a total maniac about it) because Jon installed a motion detector light after someone jumped our fence and was rifling through our car, and the lights go shining a lovely spotlight on totally nonchalant, very well-fed racoons.

Stay safe everyone. And everyone be careful on those fire escapes.

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April 30, 2020 — wonderpens



Sonnia said:

I’m thoroughly enjoying your blogs, especially the “pictures” you paint with your words.
Thank you.
We live in a townhouse (co-op) and we had, what I am sure were armies of some extremely fat racoons ? . They were very noisy as they marched onwards across our roof.
One of them woke me one night trying hard to get in through the screen on the bedroom window! Scared me half-to-death ?. I
I hadn’t seen one front and center before so after overcoming the shock.. was quite taken with the tiny hands!!
Stay safe and well.. all of you!
Blessings to you and your family..


wonderpens said:

Oh my goodness, the raccoons in this area are so intense. They’re massive! And they are generally slow moving but also crazy when they sort of dart quickly. I see them climbing over roofs and walls in the backyard, I’m worried about letting my dog out at night!

Stay safe!

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