I said to Caleb that I was running out of things to blog about, and he blithely suggested writing about this rolling work stool, which we got for free from Uline, where we buy most of our packaging supplies.

Its a work stool that allows you to put tools on the bottom shelf, as well as having a drawer in the seat for storing additional tools. The bottom shelf serves as a great foot rest, which many other stools are missing.

The kids love this thing. Its primary attraction is that it has wheels, so I suppose it’s sort of like pockets on dresses. They push each other around on it, they push each other off of it, they fall off of it when it tips over, they fly down the ramp, they crash into things. Naomi doesn’t always like to wear shoes, so sometimes she gets her toes run over. It’s probably responsible for around 20% of the injuries the kids incur, which maybe doesn’t sound like a high percentage, but in volume it’s not insubstantial.

We don’t have a lot of kid-sized furniture or chairs in this place, so the kids also like to use this when they’re doing their work.

Another wonderful feature of this stool is its drawer. Dinosaurs, snacks, stolen packing supplies. I’m often surprised by what I find in there, which could be either a good thing or a bad thing depending on what’s in there.

In any case, an excellent stool, even if it gets confiscated every other day after fights, injuries or being found to contain stolen items.

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May 03, 2020 — wonderpens


Claudia Ostiguy

Claudia Ostiguy said:

CALEB * !!!! (I have a family member called Callum, who’s been on my mind of late, oops!)


wonderpens said:

Hah! I will pass along the message! :)

Claudia Ostiguy

Claudia Ostiguy said:

I approve of Callum’s choice of topic, and also, this stool.

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