It’s Saturday! The weekend. So I thought I would share about some chocolate chip cookies we made the other day. We’re spending more time in the kitchen these days, making messes, estimating measurements, setting off the fire alarm.

I previously had a chocolate chip cookie recipe that I really liked, but somewhere along the way I lost the scraggly piece of paper I’d written it on. Thank goodness for the internet: I googled a new one, which turned out pretty well.

The only difference I had to make was that because I do most of my cooking and baking in/on glass pans (rather than cookie sheets, so I don’t have to use tin foil or parchment paper) it took me closer to 15-17 minutes in the oven instead of 10. I like my cookies just barely browned at the edges, so they’re still soft and chewy even after they’ve cooled down. Also I didn’t dissolve my baking soda into hot water, I mixed it in with the flour. I assume you can forgo the walnuts if you don’t have any, but they really add a nice touch.

The dog was highly involved at every stage, snout poised for moments of distraction.

Super licking up delicious raw flour.
Caleb chopping walnuts into various sizes, variety being the spice of life in even baking.

We also got The Emissary back in stock, which is always nice. It is June’s book of the month for us and soon enough we’ll have another.

The kids are reading Rosie Revere and Tintin and I’m frying eggs and the dog is burying his snout in the garbage and cat is looking down upon us all.

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June 06, 2020 — wonderpens

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