It’s hard to believe it’s been three months since things have really ramped up here in Toronto and Canada. What a year.

This week, we got in some big shipments— Diamine, Noodler’s, Sailor. Ink shipments are always a beast to count, especially from the companies that carry so many different colours, but it’s nice to have them back on our shelves.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the big and small ways our world has shifted over the last couple of months, weeks, days. We sometimes think because we’re just selling pens and inks, stationery and journals, that that’s that. But pens and notebooks can be the tools we use to write and think and reflect and learn, and we ourselves need so much more of that these days. Looking at how we can use the tools we have to acknowledge and agitate against racism, whether it’s putting our money where our mouth is, or writing down words to share here. Black lives matter, and the necessity of keeping our eyes open, and reading the stories, and moving towards the actions we need to take doesn’t end.

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June 05, 2020 — wonderpens

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