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June 10, 2020 — wonderpens



wonderpens said:

Thank you so much for reading!

Yes, Naomi is a wild child, with her own ideas and her own little personhood.

Caleb does read aloud to her sometimes, which I love. He is still quite an early/emerging reader—that’s to say that he’s not fluent or proficient yet, so he prefers to read familiar books to her. They sort of orbit around each other, and for the few moments their orbits meet, it is a delight to watch.


Sarah said:

Omg I haven’t been on your blog in longer than I thought…. When I was last here Caleb was just a baby! Now he’s reading books and has a younger sister – how time flies!
BTW I love that he’s reading a book about inside the human body, I myself was fascinated with that as a kid – so much so I very excitedly did a presentation on it in grade 3 (my classmates were nowhere near as excited about it as I was haha).
Also, I love your photos!


Jenny said:

Beautiful photos!


wonderpens said:

Thank you!


wonderpens said:

Yes, it’s such a lovely thing to watch, children reading books.


Peter said:



Sonnia said:

Such lovely photos of two beautiful children… you are so blessed! Thank you for sharing this.
Love the way she’s sorted herself with her own book .. and loving the library… your son looks so wonderfully serious about his reading.. does he read aloud to her? I understand from your previous posts that your family are great readers .. you are giving your littles a wonderful gift!!

I used to read to my girls when they were little and loved it.. my eldest still loved it even though she was well able to read herself.. the youngest was very independent and wanted to read to me instead… (8yr. gap between them) ..
they were both very early readers …

Blessings to you all… stay safe and well?


Mireya said:

Aww, how adorable. Starting children on the journey to loving books is a beautiful thing.

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