It’s fall again! About time. It’s glorious. Just the whisperings of the winter ahead. Before you know it I’ll be complaining about how cold it is. Perhaps we’ll be there by the time you finish reading this blog post.

It’s the first time in a long while that I’ve inked up a whole bunch of pens at once and it feels great! Since before the summer. The glee and glory of inking up pens willy nilly without restraint is the only way to do it. In my pen roll for this season are a whole bunch of classics.

Edison Beaumont: Diamine Ochre
TWSBI Mini AL Mint Blue: Diamine Pelham Blue
Franklin-Christoph M20: Sailor Chu-Shu
Diamine Ancient Copper: Edison Beaumont
Pilot Custom 92: Diamine 1864 Blue Black
Parker Sonnet Cisele: Sailor Kobe #21 Taisanji Yellow
Parker Duofold Ivory: J. Herbin Cafe des iles

Left to right: Edison Beaumont Bedrock Flake, Edison Beaumont, Parker Sonnet Cisele, Parker Duofold Ivory International, TWSBI Mini-AL Blue, Pilot Custom 92 Clear, Franklin Christopher M20


Two older edition Parkers above: the Ivory Duofold International (the thinner version of the larger Centennial) and the Parker Sonnet Cisele. For me as a shopkeeper, it’s sometimes a balance to have too many older editions because when people ask about them, you always have to explain that the new edition is slightly different.

Parker is a widely known pen maker, and yet these days with so many other and especially newer companies making modern fountain pens, Parker isn’t always top of mind. I’m a big fan, though, and these are two of my personal favourites.

J. Herbin Cafe des iles. Love the browns in the J. Herbin line. Lie de the and Cacao du Bresil are long-time favourites.
Sailor Chu Shu, another perennial favourite.
The clips on the Edison Beaumont.
Sailor Kobe #21 Taisanji Yellow

It feels great to have all these pens filled, and I’m wiling away time procrastinating by doodling with all of my pens one by one before finally cracking open my browser to take a look at my inbox.


In other news, we are continuing our recovery from Scriptus. I have been combing my way through photos and the whole day feels like a blur. I’m discovering lots and lots of things in the backgrounds of shots that I didn’t notice the first time around. This is the first year I just used my phone instead of bringing along a camera, and I’m grateful both for improving technology in phone cameras, but also the realization that I’m really no photographer, and the difference in quality is not meaningful for a point and shooter like me. Needless to say, more photos and behind the scenes will be coming to the blog soon.

In any case, we had Monday off with both shops closed, but it seems like this week we’ve gotten right back into the thick of things. Boxes and boxes have been making their way into the warehouse and then onto shelves and then back out again. Scriptus always seems to be timed to herald the transition from the quiet rumblings of holiday prep into the thick and heavy of things, with ordering timelines crunched right up, and any last hopes of getting projects off the ground before the new year.

We’ve finally received our long-awaited Traveler’s Notebook 2020 items, and I can’t wait to really dig into all the different things. With their arrival, we are now marking our next Traveler’s Notebook Meet-Up on the calendar: Saturday, November 23rd, from 2-4 pm. Vaguely, the theme will be how we’re setting up our Traveler’s Notebook or other planners for 2020, but as always, it will be an informal time to chat and share and admire. More details forthcoming, but if you know you can make it, you can RSVP to


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Anonymous said:

Thank you so much for reading! It’s always fun to see what other people are writing with. As a family business, I sometimes worry there might be too much home! But we are glad to be here, and I’m so glad to hear you are enjoying the blog.


Emily said:

I’ve always preferred cooler colours but this edition of What’s in My Pen Roll really has me craving some autumn reds and browns! I really enjoy your blog posts and always look forward to them arriving in my inbox. They always evoke feelings of warmth, home, and the loveliness of analog.

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