We recently got a restock from Yohand Studio Stationery, which are items of pure delight.

Oftentimes we in the stationery world find ourselves working to convince one another (usually a variant form of preaching to the choir) about the benefits of analogue, citing studies about students in university classrooms using laptops versus taking notes by hand, describing the zombie eyes that start to congeal from late-night screen usage, allowing Google maps to drive us into a lake, etc.

This is not one of those times because these things from Yohand are not practical note-taking tools, or clever multi-pens, or cherished leather keepsakes. These are stickers and stamps and washi tapes that are meant to bring joy into your world. Put them in your planners, journals, snail mail, grocery lists, office memos and more.

I used to be more precious about using the stickers, but I find that the more I look for good places to put a Yohand human holding a giant pencil, the more places I find, especially on the paper covers of my journals or inserts. And they are truly a joy to see, peeking out of my bag as I’m driving to a drop off, or just before I open my journal late at night. Stamp of a small Asian human huddled at laptop? That is actually me, my spirit harnessed into the wood like the stationery sprite that I am.

We got a few new things in this shipment. Use sparingly, use generously, use in emergency.

Look at the packaging on this pencil tin! Perfect.

A new favourite tape in my collection. These PET tapes have a backing, and you can cut out portions, peel the backing off and use them as stickers that disappear almost seamlessly into your page. It also feels like they last forever.

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May 29, 2023 — Liz Chan

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