If you’ve been following along with us for some time now, you might know that sometime during the pandemic, a stripey grey cat wandered around in and out of our home and then decided to stay here, sensing (rightfully) that we were foolish weaklings ready to shell out thousands of dollars for vet care, and (rightfully) suspecting that no one would notice another animal in the chaos, and also because he was drawn in by Chicken’s magnetic personality.


It’s been a while since I shared an update on the cats, which is for the good, even as they continue to be creatures of curiosity for everyone. Recently I saw this video featuring an adult cat displeased with a new kitten in his home, but eventually warming up to the kitten and snuggling and cleaning this little perky thing, and that has not been our story, but you know what the best love stories are epic in nature. We have been watching some Chinese soap operas these days, if you couldn’t tell.


I have no real news to update other than the cats continue to do their salsa dance, one advancing, the other retreating. It’s not so much of a salsa dance so much as a linear, one-directional movement. Chicken’s magnetic personality both attracts and repels, and often Tuna is left having to satisfy himself with a beyond chicken substitute. Impossible. And yet we all manage the best we can.


In any case, here is a series of photos of Tuna with his love substitute.









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August 21, 2023 — Liz Chan



Nurul said:

this series is too much goodness! laugh cry emoji


Will said:

That photo of Tuna with the Ginger Chicken ink is so precious! -

Joanne M

Joanne M said:

Tuna looks great!

David Lane

David Lane said:

Hello Tuna. Love the picture of you with the McNugget. Also love the images of you with the stationary :)

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