Scriptus is coming again! It’s happening THIS WEEKEND. It certainly did sneak up on us this year. Sunday, October 30th, doors opening at 10, free admission, at the Toronto Reference Library at Yonge and Bloor. We have some tables which I believe are in our usual location, tucked away on the side.


We also have some exciting things happening at the Main Shop on the Saturday before the pen show, from 12-5.


On Saturday, October 29th, we are welcoming Esterbrook and their team into the shop, where they will have their full line of beautiful pens and journals and accessories, as well as some special treats. Not to be missed. The pen show can sometimes be a bit hectic, so please come to the shop on Saturday to visit with and chat and admire all the Esterbrooks as well as spend some time with Bryan, Cary and the Esterbrook team. We’ve gotten to know them over the last couple of years, and they are such fantastic people to work with. We are coming into a decade of running this shop, and have had the pleasure of working with so many people across Canada and around the world, and so I don’t say that lightly. I am inking up all my Esterbrooks in celebration of their visit (things are already getting out of hand), and should you need to add to your collection, please come by.



And part two of the pre-pen-show excitement, on Saturday, is Matthew Chen of Matthew’s Nibworks, who will be offering free a smoothing and tuning adjustment on any pen you purchase at our shop on Saturday. Free! What a deal! He will be there from 12-5. I can’t wait to have him tune up a few of my own pens.


You can also bring in pens you already own to have him smooth and tune, or you can have him grind a pen nib for you. See below for prices.



Here is a bit about him, from the bio on his website:


Fountain pens are fascinating tools, and learning how to tune how they perform has been a significant focus of mine over the last few years. In my time as a college student abroad in Japan, I met with various “nib doctors” to confirm the efficacy of my nib grinding techniques; among these include Yoshimune-san of Pen and Message and Tsuchida-san of Pilot. Mr. Nagahara Jr. provided me with extensive guidance during my education on grinding the Naginata Togi nib. Since my return to the United States, I have built a custom machine for nib grinding, and am grateful to have gained the support and guidance of Michael Masuyama as I continue my work. Customizing fountain pens is my passion, and I look forward to servicing your pens to the best of my ability.


This is a great opportunity to chat with him in person about your pens, get advice or explain exactly what you’re looking for. He will of course also be at the Scriptus show, but in the case where you want to check a few things off the list to give yourself time to browse all the tables at the show itself, please come by the Main Shop. The photo below is from his website and is a close up of one of his stub grinds.





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October 25, 2022 — Liz Chan

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