We had a baby! What an adventure, sometimes more of a treacherous journey, every step of it terrifying and glorious and a complete miracle of socialized medicine and stardust.


We have not named her yet. I think I was counting on inspiration striking once the baby was earth side, and yet the baby appears to be more of a space alien and so the naming mystery continues to grow. How do you do such a thing, name a baby, a child, a being, into this world? I had some names in mind and they’ve all been crushed and ground under the foot of the enormity of the responsibility of bestowing such a non-refundable gift. Everyone has been telling me to go with my gut, but my gut is not feeling so hot right now.



The third one has been both the easiest and the hardest. All of the old clothes and blankets and diapers are dug up from the basement, boxes dubiously labelled are opened and the whoosh of familiar smells implodes me into the past, from which I cannot escape.


I’ve learned everything I’ve learned from the first two times around, and it mostly sums up to realizing how much I don’t know, which is a pretty terrifying amount. This time around, I’m trying to soak it all up, including all the advice thrown my way, the most helpful of which might be to accept that I’m going to spend more money than is reasonable trying to solve unsolvable problems, and that the unsolvable problems solve themselves long after I’ve thrown out the Magic Sleep Suit or the battery operating shushing machine. Also, audiobooks are really handy, both for ambient noise and also for keeping my brain from congealing.


I am swollen with edema and the overwhelming urge to gobble up the baby. Is there such a thing as maternity leave for small businesses? I am going to leave that up in the air, making of it what I can, squeezing out the photos in between the naps, ordering diapers online while nursing. Life only seems to accelerate, time dilation and physics and science fiction swirling together to rush us all forward towards monkeypox and just terrible, awful things happening in the world, while I try and squeeze all my babies at the same time, the furry ones completely revolting.


In any case, we are doing well! Everyone is eating and pooping as they should, the sun is shining, I continue to write maniacally in my journal, recording all the bits of nonsense I can get down on the page, in between sending out newsletters with typos and smelling all the new baby smells.



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May 26, 2022 — Liz Chan



Shannon said:

Congratulations! What a sweet little spring blessing. Enjoy every minute of this time and thank you for sharing these wonderful blog posts so generously with all of us!


Meghan said:

Congratulations! I love reading your blog posts because I think you’re a wonderful writer, and this one in particular stood out to me. Thanks for always tying together the mundane and the meaningful so beautifully. All the best!

Joan Borinsky

Joan Borinsky said:

OMG! Congratulations Liz and Jon. Liz, I had wondered if you were pregnant when I saw you in the store and now I know. Still, your wonderful blog entry was a shock! Your new daughter is beautiful and both her and the cat seem to be doing well. A big hug to you… Joan

Cris Kourelias

Cris Kourelias said:

Congratulations on your new baby girl! She’s beautiful and so perfect! So happy for your family!


Amy said:

It is a blessing to see the newest edition to the family, congratulations!!


Johanna said:

Congrats to all, big brother and big sister, oh and parents!


Selena said:

Congratulations! She is so lovely! I am glad that you are both doing well.


Melodie said:

Congratulations on the new adventure of being outnumbered by the little munchkins! Sending love and blessings from the West Coast and wishing you lots of sunshine, delicious snacks, picnics in the park, and rest in between juggling the roller coaster of Wonder Pens.


Lucija said:

Congratulations on the arrival of a new member. Cat approval rating seems to be soaring. Thank you for your messages. My brain is grateful. Wishing you all the best outcomes. I wish that I lived closer.


Carol said:

Congratulations and best wishes to all of you!


Sonnia said:

Congratulations on this little beauty you’ve added to your family… love the new baby smells. This special time is to be thoroughly enjoyed.. you are all so blessed Liz… love the photos and updates of the “littles” have a glorious summer and try to “rest” (lol) when you can. 💗

Sharon Ramsay

Sharon Ramsay said:

Congratulations! This little one is a glorious reminder that love still wins. Wishing the new team of five every blessing.


Lisa said:

Congratulations on your third child! She ressembles Caleb. :) LOVE the photo you captured of her with Tuna.

Tom Reppert

Tom Reppert said:

Some good news in the world at last! Such a beautiful baby. I think she looks very much like Calvin. Well done, Liz.


Diana said:

Congratulations on your new adventure. What a precious gift she is. I hope you’re able to get some rest.
Love the picture with the shop cat.
Thanks for sharing this happy news.


LeeAnn said:

How wonderful! She is beautiful.


neri said:

ohmygosh i had no idea this new adventure have been coming! Congratulations! May everything goes as well as it should, and thanks so much for sharing. Baby and Tuna pic is just a gift. Congratulations, Chans!

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