We’ve just received in the new Leonardo Momento Zero Giada Jade, which comes with gold or silver trim. I, of course, picked a gold trim version.


It’s gorgeous, of course, as all of the materials are from Leonardo. They have so many materials with subtle variations, stripes or flecked, and I love how this jade one is spring and lightness and also something timeless and vintage.



The pen is filled with a captured converter, which functions like a piston. You remove the end cap to twist the end of the potion.




Trim is usually simply a matter of personal preference, whether you’re a gold or a silver or a matte black type of person, and I am pretty steadfastly a gold trim person. For this pen, though, and with many materials that have a range of colours within it, I love how the gold trim brings out the tiny gold flecks and warm tones of the green.




I filled the pen with Ferris Wheel Press’s recent release, Sunlit Jade. There are two Jade inks—how appropriate—both a jade green, the Sunlit Jade with gold sparkles and the Moonlit Jade with silver sparkles. I am typically not a sparkle ink person but it had to be done.



In these two photos you can see the slow progressive release of the gold flecks as the green ink dries.



I got a fine nib, and here it is on Midori’s MD notebook paper. Smooth and even, as expected.



And as though the universe knew what I needed, the pen is pretty good match for Chicken’s eyes.





I continue to stagger along, having mostly fled the land of healthy inter-person interactions and burying myself in the midst of renovation debris, surrounding myself in a stupor of cat treats and human treats. Get yourself together, Liz! I say to myself, before looking for a cat to squeeze until they meow. One disgruntled cat, one dying, and I am both spiralling quickly and not actually moving at all. Or perhaps spiralling so quickly I give the impression of no motion but in fact am leaving the planet at an infinite speed, trying to look for a private infinite abyss populated only by various felines. And, because life isn’t awful enough without some stray cat about to perish, Jon brought home 2-ply toilet paper.


Caleb has been doing various forms of martial arts for some time, and is now doing kickboxing, which, as far as I can tell, involves a lot of hopping and skipping and running around. Naomi’s school recently began offering Taekwondo, which she absolutely loves, and here I am, hiding with my books, enrolling my two children in disparate forms of beating up other people, in preparation for life.


In any case, the world at large continues to offer perspective, of which I am greatly in need. The tiny treasures of new copper pencils, time for a few lines in the journal, hot tea and a new pen melt away in the looming fragility of healthy, safe children, a business which is not precisely flourishing but at least is still alive, and gratitude for healthcare and safety and education in this country. Food on the table and enough left over to share with any stray cats that might come this way.


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March 30, 2022 — Liz Chan



Sully said:

I am so sorry to hear about Tuna. I’ve followed his entrance into your life from the beginning and so happy that he has found a friend and family that welcome him. I myself lost my baby cat (Sully was his name) two weeks ago. It happened so fast and I can’t quite get back to my normal self yet. We don’t have any children so he was our son for the past few years. I miss him dearly and wishing to at least say a proper goodbye.

Mary Collis

Mary Collis said:

I’m sharing your heavy heart about Tuna. Last evening, in the woods, I unearthed the homemade gravestone I made for my first cat who died way back in 1999. I still carry the sting of that loss. But there are sweet smiles, too.


LeeAnn said:

I am so sorry to hear about Tuna. How beautiful that he is warm and fed and loved in his short life.

I totally agree about too thin toilet paper! Best thing about covid lockdown was not navigating public bathrooms, including their inadequate toilet paper.


Will said:

I’m so sorry to hear about Tuna. We’ve been following your adventures with him ever since he showed up at your place. Grown really attached to this lil guy and his love for Chicken. If this is indeed a terminal illness, I hope he’ll stay with us a bit longer, and that he enjoys the remainder of his time with your family.


Scheherazade said:

During the early days of the pandemic, the husband of a friend brought home single ply toilet paper. She landed up buying herself some bougie instagram toilet paper, and kept that stash secret for months, letting him use all the awful stuff.

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