I have been a bit untethered, of late, as could probably be well evidenced by the unbalanced nature of the newsletter and overall spotty social media presence of our stationery shop, which, once again unfortunately, is my domain. We are undergoing some renovations at home, after having waited literally years for permits to pass and now, long after the euphoria of moving into a new place has left us, we are forced to move our furniture around, upstairs, downstairs, plants blocking every available window, everyone’s personal spaces colliding into each other’s. We’ve received some terrible news about Tuna’s health, and all of Jon’s admonitions about not getting too attached to a stray have come back to haunt me, drowning me in self-pity and the meaninglessness of humanity. I have spent my days, as usual, languishing after the cats, only now with a heightened sense of existential angst, if you could even believe it could heighten. Both cats have been feasting on high fat treats and kitten food, I have been hanging laundry to dry on banisters, drywall dust in the air has been leaving us all in the fog and fug of mortality and change. I have become Miss Havisham, and the comparison is not to my advantage.


We forge on through the murky and silty path to warm weather, outdoor patio season and green leaves on trees, notebooks at the ready for blankets at the park or books for reading out on the fire escape. Even as familiar seasons come and go again, life seems to bring with it immutable strokes and the inescapable passage of time, Fee Fi Fo Fum, gobbling us all up one at a time, and so we return again and again to our journals and books for constancy and reminders, hopefully with a pleasant spring breeze in our hair, and hopefully also your life’s partner and ship’s captain will bring home a bubble tea or some other tasty snack, and if not you will just write through the devastating and bitter disappointment in your journal.


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March 24, 2022 — Liz Chan


Hedy Czuchnicka

Hedy Czuchnicka said:

Liz, you are a champion. In the struggle between Order and Chaos ( reference Jordan Peterson), when Chaos has taken over your life, you still manage to write a couple of paragraphs that have me thinking, “If this woman ever publishes a book, I’ll be first in line to buy multiple copies for myself and all my reading-loving friends.”

Joanne M

Joanne M said:

My heart goes out to you. Without knowing what is specifically wrong with Tuna I do know that none of us know how long we will grace this earth. But in the meantime Tuna has a warm place to sleep, a full food bowl, the love of humans and the grudging tolerance of an orange cat he admires. And really what more could any of us ask for.

Tara Mutphy

Tara Mutphy said:

I am very sorry to hear about Tuna. Sometimes life pins you down and just won’t stop driving its metaphorical fists into your metaphorical kidneys. I hope the sun comes out for you soon.


Lene said:

Oh, no! I’m so sorry to hear about Tuna. I hope you are getting lots of cuddles with each other.


Neri said:

i am so sorry to hear about Tuna’s health. for all that’s worth, he is so loved. such is life. thanks for sharing. words are meaningless but wishing for sparks and strength for days ahead whatever they may be.


Will said:

So sad to hear about Tuna’s health! Love that lil guy. Hope he gets better soon…!


Lauren said:

Oh no, I hope Tuna is doing ok! I think many of us have grown attached to that sweet bean.

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