I was supposed to let everyone know about our Easter Weekend holiday hours in our weekly email newsletter, but I did not, so here I am instead, posting it where no one will see it, the day before the weekend.


Our in store shopping hours are:

Wednesday 12-4

Thursday 12-4

Saturday 12-4

Sunday 12-4


And our holiday hours, thank goodness, remain the same through this Easter Weekend, although our warehouse will be closed on Good Friday, and there will be no Canada Post service on Monday, so online orders will still be processed and packed but actual shipping times will extend. The timing wasn’t fantastic with the launch of the Traveler’s Notebook Limited Edition sets, but who are we to argue with a rabbit that brings chocolate or the moon.


As always, if our in-store hours don’t work for you in general or for a specific week, you can always call our excellent warehouse team and make an appointment to pick up your online order at the door. Because we’re not staffed for in-store browsing on days when we’re not open, it’s a bit challenging for us to book long appointments for things like pen testing or flipping through our ink swabs, but if you have a special circumstance or situation, such as a medical condition or emergency wedding, our team would love to accommodate you when possible.





Whether or not you visit our shop, or are even in Toronto or Canada, I hope you all have excellent, low-key plans for the weekend. One interesting part of coming out of a very long season of pandemic and lock down and contagious-illness-anxiety is that adding back some of the things we used to do is a slower, methodical process. One might even say that my indecisiveness borders on decision-paralysis. At first it was considering safety and whether or not it was going to open and close, but also now, after two years, a lot has changed, including how we got used to having time exist for us. Even as much as time warped and wended its way through and completely demolishing once-familiar seasons, staying home and together and finding different things to do are now part of our family’s routines and structure, and I am loathe and certainly not energetically ready for a wholesale change.


In any case, now that the warm weather has sort of arrived, my new strategy in life, decision-paralysis or not, is to arrive early to things—appointments, picking up the kids from school—and wait outside with a book. The speed with which I am able to get through life accelerating painfully slowly, the calculus of it possibly even moving backwards, into the negatives, as I contemplate the clouds.

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April 15, 2022 — Liz Chan


Lisa RR

Lisa RR said:

Enjoy the long weekend!
I think your hunches on how and when to re-open have been exactly right. Don’t feel pressure to rush.
Mail order has meant a lot over the past two years.
Keep well

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