Lamy has released this fun Al-Star set, with a pen, an additional grip and a matching notebook. I couldn’t wait! Red is maybe not my colour, although I am Chinese and red is an auspicious colour for Chinese people and who am I to scoff at eons of good luck. But neon: Yes. Especially as a little surprise when you open the pen. The notebook is quite declarative, but I will admit that if I were to go on some long trip with limited baggage, I would consider a Lamy pen as my only pen, if I was strangled and held at gunpoint and forced to choose only one.


They’ve included two grip sections with different coloured feeds, and the different feeds are because the orange feed can stain with darker inks, so they (“they”) recommend using the included Lamy Mango cartridge or else perhaps a Lamy Mango-esque ink colour for the orange feed.


Please keep in mind that the Al-Star, by all appearances seems exactly the same as the Safari, is not exactly the same as the Safari, and therefore you are not able to put the neon grip on a Safari body or mix and match body parts from the Al-Star to the Safari. You could of course put the neon grip on a different Al-Star body, etc.


For those looking ahead, this set would also make a great Christmas or holiday present, as it comes in a box that’s also easy to wrap.






In any case, I am thoroughly enjoying my new pen. I prefer my snap cap pens for on the go writing, which I seem to be doing a bit more of these days. Music lessons, what feels like a voluminous number of appointments in various places around the city.


It has been a busy couple of days following the start of the school year, and it seems to only be getting busier. I special ordered these—I kid you not—French Dragon Ball Z books from a French bookstore on the east end of the city, and it’s taken months to get them in, and now they are waiting for me to pick them up. I’ve been trying to convince Jon to go and pick them up, and it is in all likelihood going to be actually be him that picks them up, but in the meantime, he’s revolting at the idea of giving Caleb more books that he’s going to leave face down on stairs and wedged between couch cushions and stacked up in the bathroom.


Good things near and far to come, lots to look forward to even while enjoying the things in front of us now.


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October 14, 2022 — Liz Chan


Kern Windwraith

Kern Windwraith said:

First, let me just say may you never be strangled, held at gunpoint, and forced to choose just one pen before embarking on a long trip. That would be just too traumatic on multiple levels, most especially because just one pen???? Oh, the agony!

Second, I’m not a huge Lamy fan, but I love the look of this one. If a pen is going to be red, this is the perfect, bold, primary red it needs to be, and what a delightful surprise to find a neon grip lurking under that red cap. As you say, fun. I’m going to have to have a serious think about buying one of these.

Lisa RR

Lisa RR said:

Wow that neon is a bright pop indeed!
So cool

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