The Kaweco Al-Sport Piston was released several weeks ago and sold right out, and I’m so excited for this restock.


One of my favourite things to come from Kaweco in ages! Something that was once only dreamed of is now here, and it’s become a part of my everyday carry. I love small pens and pocket pens, and the Kaweco Copper Liliput is a personal favourite of mine, but now the Al-Sport Piston is right up there with it. I wasn’t sure how they were going to do the aluminum with the ink, but it looks and feels great, and I love the ink window.


I have my share of Kaweco Sports, a small little family of them. One potential flaw in the Kaweco Sport for a lot of people has often been its ink capacity, as the ink cartridge is one of the smallest available, the standard international. I actually have never minded using cartridges, in particular for the standard international, because it’s one of the most easily available, and I don’t mind having a box of cartridges as a handy back-up. There is a converter, but the converter’s capacity is also not huge—although you do get to fill up the feed of the pen with ink as you draw up from an ink bottle, which is not an insubstantial amount of ink.



You remove the back cap to access the piston knob, and the details on it, like the gold finial inside the cap, on the knob itself, the threads, the grooves on the knob to grip and spin the piston, are all lovely touches.



And of course the cap of the pen is long enough to post on the back of the pen to give it balance for larger hands.





In any case, I have been enjoying writing with it. I recently wrote a blog post about my journals and this pen has scribbled a few pages in them.


These days I have been a bit swamped and disorganized, trying to keep track of all the various things going on in life. We are dreaming up a little travel this summer, and I think I’m going to be bringing this little guy along with me. The cats will have to take care of the rest of my pens while we’re gone.


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May 27, 2024 — Liz Chan

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