Despite being only somewhat Asian, the good thing is that when your first attempt at the new year, January 1st, has failed, you get a second chance at the Lunar New Year. We are celebrating with hot pot, and even made a trip out to the newish T&T on College, conveniently right by the shop, if not so conveniently usually extremely full and with tight parking. It is worth the trip, if only for some tasty snacks that can be hard to find elsewhere, maybe some fruit not usually available at No Frills, lychee peels found curled up and crusty under the couch months from now. The house has not been cleaned, but the children have been plied with money, so the universe is mostly in balance here.


We sent out some Lunar New Year cards this year, instead of Christmas ones, mainly because Christmas crept up on me too quickly. It’s the year of the tiger, and with now two tigers roaming our wilderness, how can I resist a little on-theme stationery. I’m looking forward to the roaring of the seasons ahead, our own tiger’s accessions into their glorious reigns.



I hope you had a lovely new year, maybe ate some good food, maybe saw some family. If you missed it, that’s okay, it’ll come back around. You can have hot pot any time of year, any year you like, tiger, rooster, rhinoceros, octopus. Dumplings, noodles, these are all non-seasonal things.


We are wishing you all of the good fortune a year can bring, and maybe a little celebration, even if you have to manufacture a reason for it.


For our own celebration and for a little gold, Naomi got her first bottle of nail polish, which were gold sparkles. It has been an unexpected gift, the joy of being a mother to a daughter, and I didn’t realize I would treasure it as much as I do. Naomi is both a girly girl and sort of off in her own world, and both have been magnificent to watch unfold.


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February 07, 2022 — Liz Chan

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