Greetings from my office/closet. All is well here, where the pilgrims seek solace, channeling wisdom from the analogue rituals, hiding from the noisy goblins roaming the hallways, banging their drums.


These days, things are either very loud or very quiet: either the older kids are home and breaking things and jumping on things and terrorizing their parents and eating large and robust snacks before dinner, or they are at school and Junia is napping and I feel my soul could be slowly returning to my bodily form if only I could experience this silence for another several weeks.


The other day there was a long hair (mine) in a pot of boiling water and broccoli, and so I pulled it out and along with the hair this small piece of very hot broccoli flung out and attached itself to my bare skin and it was very unpleasant. No one sympathized with me because they were busy spraying each other with the hose, nozzle on jet. (No one ate the broccoli except for me, I should add. Just a humble shopkeeper trying to get her daily fiber in.)


So that’s how things are going, which is great. Just popping in to say hello. Treasures on the desk, treasures in life. Small and large pleasures and delights and joy. Snail mail going out into the world, pen pal match up letters coming in. Boxes stacked up in the warehouse, library cards reaching capacity, laundry hampers full of grass-stained clothing. Favourite pens inked up, leather cases soft, notebook pages crinkled and full.




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June 01, 2023 — Liz Chan



Nina said:

You say you have only 8 readers … but we are 8 who adore your notes (long + short)! And those fabulous photos that make me smile, day dream and inspire me to paint and draw. How lovely it’s been to revisit my childhood through your photos and visits to the library and other places. Combine that with my two other passions (writing + inks + pens) and it’s a perfect world at least for me. Don’t stop writing, Liz!

Popop Datobaggu

Popop Datobaggu said:

Oh for such a zen cat! No bitter vinegar for Him(er)! Unclutter upon the desk – soft blanket upon grass – and giggles to and froing on the swing with the small person attached ! That i could attain such bliss !

Simone Nieuwolt

Simone Nieuwolt said:

Nice to see handsome Chicken. Junia is getting very big!

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