We are so pleased to introduce two new inks to our shop: Dominant Industry Ginger Chicken and Tuna Grey.


We began carrying Dominant Industry inks some time ago. I knew as soon as I held their glass bottles in hand, swabbing a few inks, filling a few into pens, that I liked their style. Lovely shades across a variety of hues, beautifully shaped bottles, just a simple aesthetic with high quality inks with great flow. I have in the queue somewhere a blog post featuring some of my favourite inks from them.


And then! Oh ho ho. I had long been looking for an ink company willing to assist me in my journey to my cat inspired inks, a little dream of mine, and I knew Dominant Industry was the one when they casually mentioned in their second-language English, that they liked our cats. Was this just a passing remark in the land of vendor/retailer email relations? Well, who can say. This was perhaps or perhaps not a wise move on their part, because of course I immediately latched on, and proposed this delightful project. Would you like to make inks inspired by our cats? Yes/no?


Yes. They would indeed help us. After some deliberations, some back and forth, some very, very tight last minute shipping, we got our inks just in time for a flashy pen show debut.


I made this sign for the pen show, and did not take a photo at the show, but here it is with our Ginger Chicken in real life and missing an I.


In any case, here are the two inks, Ginger Chicken and Tuna Grey.






I hope you enjoy these two new colours, the launch of these inks inspired by our shop cats. One good turn deserves another; our Chicken would not be the same with a Tuna, and these two inks have come out into the world together. We will carry them as long as they do well, but even if they don’t, I love that they have been created and released at least once. For as long as these two furry souls walk along the path with us, I will treasure these inks.


Who would’ve thought this is where we’d end up a year and a half ago, when some homeless cat wandered into our home. I can’t even imagine our home without him now, can’t imagine Chicken without his grey-striped admirer, can’t imagine our plants without their bite marks, can’t imagine returning home without those raccoon eyes peering out and bobbing at the window at us. He is my pandemic baby, who wandered into our family just when we needed some cheering up, in the middle of isolation and fear and the unknown. An unexpected gift from the world.



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November 02, 2022 — Liz Chan



Sam said:

I’m completely delighted that these inks exist, and such a fan of your two cats! Your Instagram stories of Tuna (especially before his name reveal!) were such a bright spot during those dreary days of lockdown….now when I remember that instagram exists I always hope to see a glimpse of Chicken and Tuna.

So looking forward to popping in to add to my Wonder Pens shop cat merchandise collection (of course I had to buy the stickers!)…. truthfully you could probably sell me anything if it had the slightest bit to do with those two.


A said:

Had to get both yesterday, too. How could I choose just one?!

Joanne M.

Joanne M. said:

Beautiful inks, purrfectly inspired.


Scheherazade said:

Just ordered both! I don’t need another bottle of ink, let alone two, but how could I choose between Tuna and Chicken?!

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