Another series of delightful photos. I continue on in my career has cat caretaker and documentarian of their lives and love.


Chicken did not used to be a counter cat, but Tuna has taught him otherwise. Chicken, likely trying to escape Tuna, found a nice comfortable box to squeeze himself into, and Tuna sat on the floor, just in front of Chicken, until he could bear it no longer, and so popped up for a visit. Chicken was as neighbourly as always.  



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March 01, 2023 — Liz Chan



Ana said:

Not the purpose of your post but I love your kitchen counters and backsplash. I want to redo my kitchen soon and you may be the best inspiration.

PS: all my critters cruise my counter. Often at the same time.


Lene said:

Wonderful! I love these two cats and their shenanigans. Thanks for the laugh.


Kathryn said:

I love the slow burn of Chicken’s annoyance.

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