Japanese Deco brass seal.

We’ve just received a restock from Hong Kong’s Back to Zero Brass Stamps. These are some of our favourite designs, some modern, some traditional. They’re a lovely touch on letters, and I especially like them on thicker stationery, like G. Lalo.

We also have the J. Herbin sealing wax, which is supple, and meant to go through mail. I’ve been melting and fusing all the little nubs of sealing wax from our Letter Writing Club supplies and using them on my own snail mail in interesting mixtures, now that our Letter Writing Club has been in indefinite hiatus for half a year. It’ll be a fresh start for meeting up to write letters, whenever that golden time comes around again.

The Sparrow seal.
The surprisingly? Unsurprisingly? popular Pineapple seal.
This Via Air Mail stamp I picked up when I was in Hong Kong. Many stationery shops have these turnstiles with various office stamps “PAID” or “COPY” and I found this one. Perfect for snail mail.

And an update on our Pen Pal Match: I suppose there’s actually no real update other than it’s still going on. Letters are coming in, and what a delight. I like to pretend everyone is writing to me, and am only slightly disillusioned when letters are addressed to “my new pen pal,” who is not me. In any case, it’s fun to see letters that have beautiful artwork, illustrations, that include recipes or stickers, some letter writers are putting in special requests, some are ready for whatever their oyster may hold.

We’ll be accepting letters until the end of September, at which time we’ll be matching everyone up and sending letters off with descriptions and hopefully addresses and hoping for the best for you all and your new connections.

The Origami Crane seal. One of my absolute favourites. A representative of good luck and good wishes, off in the mail, off in the world.

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September 09, 2020 — wonderpens

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