It's about time I share a few long overdue photos of the new Lamy Pacific Blue Al-Star, this year's special edition. I've had it inked up with the Pacific Blue cartridges, and took a few extra photos when I was taking photos for my last "What's in my Pen Roll" post. This is one of my favourite Al-Star releases to date, and you might remember how excited I was by the Orange Al-Star two years ago. As a bonus, orange and turquoise is a great combination. As usual, it comes with your choice of EF, F, M or B, or you can pay an extra $3 to upgrade to a 1.1 or 1.5 nib. These nibs slide on and off, so you can swap them around with your other Lamy Safari's and Al-Stars as well.
Lamy Pacific Blue Turquoise Fountain Pen Al-Star Toronto Canada
Lamy Pacific Blue Turquoise Fountain Pen Al-Star Toronto Canada
The Pacific Blue ink is beautiful, but you might recognize it as the Lamy Turquoise ink that's part of the standard Lamy ink line. We typically have an occasional shipment of Lamy ink bottles in the shop on our shelves, but they aren't online yet because there hasn't often been a lot of demand. However, we're hoping to fix that soon! I suppose the good thing about such a nice ink being part of the standard line is that you don't have to worry as much about making sure you get one before it's sold out, and then possibly paying a lot more for it buying it second hand. We're also still holding out for bottles of the ink in the Pacific Blue packaging, even though it's really just the packaging that's different. We'll keep you updated on when our next shipment comes in. The writing samples of the ink below are with a broad nib, what I picked for my Pacific Blue Al-Star. It's nice and wet, although I do have I think basically all of the other nibs in case I ever want to swap around.
Lamy Pacific Blue Turquoise Toronto Canada
Lamy Pacific Blue Turquoise Toronto Canada


We had our Paper Plus Cloth pop-up shop and workshop this past Sunday, and it was a blast. It was so much fun to see new faces, and to geek out over washi tape with everyone. I picked up a few rolls for myself, and even a roll of buses/cars for Caleb, who has been sticking them around the shop and apartment.
In other news, we have lots and lots coming in to the shop soon. Field Notes Utility Edition Memo Books, Pelikan Edelstein Smoky Quartz, the Olive Traveler's Notebook, and of course the Lamy Safari of the Year. Stay tuned!

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