The Lamy 2015 Special Edition Neon Lime Safari is in! In addition to writing with this pen, I plan on using it to direct airplane traffic at Pearson in my free time. 
Lamy Safari Neon Lime Green Toronto Canada Wonder Pens
  This pen got overshadowed a bit by the excitement of the Copper Orange, but I'm a big fan of neon, so I'm pretty sure I'm keeping one of these. (Jon and I have an ongoing agreement about how many pens I'm allowed to keep a year, but it's "flexible.")
Lamy Safari 2015 Special Edition Neon Lime Green
This pen is bright, that's for sure. I had a hard time with my light settings, and in this picture, it actually looks like it's literally glowing. It's like my kryptonite, both because it's radioactive, and's a fountain pen. I once sold a customer a Neon Yellow Safari (2013 Special Edition) because I said as a safety feature, he could wear it in his pocket while bicycling and it would reflect light from cars. This Neon Lime Green is yet another light reflector pen. Note: I was kidding, and he has actual reflectors on his bicycle. And he wears a helmet. Safety first!
Lamy Safari Special Edition Fountain Pen Neon Lime Green
As always, Lamy produces one Safari (this year's Neon Lime Green) and one Al-Star (this year's Copper Orange) special edition colour each year, and once we sell out of this pen, that's it. We've got some good stock, so you can take a bit to think about it, but don't wait too long!
Lamy Safari 2015 Special Edition Wonder Pens Toronto

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April 21, 2015 — wonderpens



Anonymous said:

It is! And I am loving it :)

Pen Haul

Pen Haul said:

Wow that’s a bright pen!

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