We've got lots and lots of new things trickling down the pipeline, and I can hardly keep track! Actually, that's not true, because we have you know, lists and things here. I have a list of things to take pictures of to get online, and also some things planned for the blog, but it seems like I can hardly keep up! This one in particular I was pretty excited to receive last week. We've been carrying Edison Pen Company pens for a long time, and they've been a gorgeous addition to the shop. Both people new to fountain pens and long-time users love turning these pens in their hands, and seeing the translucence and colour and shine. There have been a few times when someone has seen an Edison pen, held it in their hands, and has just known that that was the pen for them. I very rarely write about pens that aren't in my personal collection, although I'm working on that, so you can bet that I'm a big fan of this one.
Edison Pearlette Fountain Pens Wonder Pens Toronto Canada
Since the Hudson was discontinued last year and the Herald a few months ago, we only had the two remaining models in the shop: the Collier and the Beaumont, actually two of my personal favourites, although the Collier is a bit big for me, so I have a Beaumont. I can't wait to see what Brian Gray puts out for his Production line next, but in the meantime, we've brought in the Pearlette. We originally brought in the four larger models because they all share the same nib size, but the Pearlette takes a different nib from the other Edisons, the smaller No. 5 nib, rather than the No. 6. We will have the No. 5 nibs up for sale on the website soon, but if you're in need of something sooner, please feel free to send us an email, and we can set something up.
Number 5 Edison Nib Pearlette
As I always seem to say to myself after we get in a new product, I'm not sure what took us so long, mainly because this pen is just perfect for me - the size, the colour, the shape, the weight, the colour....... I was momentarily distracted by the Deep Indigo, because it also has that hint of swirling depth, but who am I kidding. I got the Aztec Gold Flake. It's this beautiful slightly translucent amber, brown, orange. I'm all over that colour range.
Aztec Gold Flake Wonder Pens Fountain Pen Toronto Canada
Edison Pearlette Aztec Gold Flake Wonder Pens Fountain Pens Toronto Canada
Edison Pearlette Fountain Pens Wonder Pens Toronto Canada
It's that balance of rich and light and warmth and depth that I love browns for and that this beautiful material has captured. It's like a sea of fall leaves. Basically I'm in love. It's also the perfect shape and size for me, a bit on the smaller end of things, tapered gently at the ends. The pen itself is a bit lighter, like most of Edison's pens, so perfect for longer writing sessions.
Sailor 1911S Parker Sonnet Edison Pearlette Size Comparison Fountain Pen Toronto Wonder Pens wonderpens.ca
It takes a standard converter or cartridge, but like all Edison pens, you can convert it to an eyedropper with just a bit of silicone grease around the threads. I just used the converter, and filled it with Rohrer & Klingner Salix, an old favourite of mine, but you can rest assured this will be eye-droppered at some point.
Rohrer & Klingner Salix writing sample Edison Fine Pearlette
Edison Pearlette Aztec Gold Flake Wonder Pens Fountain pens Canada
I've only had it for around a week, but it already feels nice and comfortable in my pen roll. I can't wait to eyedropper it! The hardest part about picking an ink for an eyedropper is that you're really committing to use it for a while.


It's been mild and beautiful out the last few days, and we've been trying to soak up every minute of it while we have it. Usually on Mondays, we do groceries in the morning and then some chores and packing up and try to cross off some things in the afternoon, but we couldn't resist wandering around our neighbourhood and park and basking in the vitamin D. Caleb is walking further and further on our walks, which is greatly aided by his relatively new willingness to hold someone's hand while walking. No more random darting towards the road or grabbing at people's dogs. Or at least, less. It's crazy how these little babies grow into these tiny humans who have minds of their own. As I'm writing this, it's mid-afternoon, and I've got a coconut chicken curry simmering on the stove, and I'm surrounded by boxes and boxes of Life and Clairefontaine and G. Lalo stationery waiting to be lovingly counted and reluctantly re-stocked by yours truly, so life is looking pretty good right now.

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February 04, 2016 — wonderpens


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Cory Ander

Cory Ander said:

-Do you think this retails three f…uhhhh.. nooo..


wonderpens said:

It is a fine nib, although Salix is also a bit on the dry side for an ink, so it might seem a bit finer than with a different ink (and paper) combination. I’m in love with mine!! :)


wonderpens said:

Yes, I know what you’re saying – the materials on the Collier are amazing, I love the Antique Marble, and even though I’m not a real big blue person, even the Blue Steel is something else.

Thanks so much for following along with us, I can’t say enough how much we appreciate it! We have our ups and downs as a business, but definitely getting to know folks like you is what makes it all worth it :)


Julie said:

Does the Pearlette post?


wonderpens said:

Yes, it does :)


Chris said:

That is one gorgeous pen. As much as I love the Collier, it’s a pretty daunting pen. This seems like Edison’s take on an everyday carry pen. I really love reading about how well the shop is coming along and I’m looking forward to my next chance to stop in!

Ruth Martin

Ruth Martin said:

Absolutely gorgeous! Although I’m drawn to the violet one…what size nib are you using for your writing sample?

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