Just a quick reminder that tonight is our first Letter Writing Club of the year. It's from 7-9 pm, and you can stop by anytime. All you need to bring are a few addresses to write to, or of course you could always write the letters with a plan to address them later (this plan doesn't always work well for me as I lose track of my envelopes). We'll have stationery and paper, fountain pens, supplies like air mail stickers or sealing wax, along with the postage you'll need to mail the letters you've written with us. We'll also have a few treats and coffee + tea for you. In case you need a bit of inspiration, here's a blog post from one of our last meets from last year, and this is a good time to remind everyone that our Pen Pal Match-Up for InCoWriMo is still open - if you're looking for a few people to write to during the month or a long-term pen pal, this is a great opportunity to sign up. We've got people from all around the world - UK, Germany, Singapore, Brazil, Australia, the US, and of course coast to coast across Canada. The blog has been a bit quiet over the last few days, mainly because we had our team retreat up at the cottage this weekend, which I'm hoping to share about soon. We've also had a few other hiccups in hydro and we've been working hard to catch up on the backlog of orders and emails from our weekend + Tuesday off. More to come!

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January 12, 2017 — wonderpens

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