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Our LAST LETTER WRITING CLUB (in this shop) is happening tomorrow! I can hardly believe it. It literally feels a bit surreal. Have we already come to the end?* We're moving at the end of April, and while we'll hold Letter Writing Clubs again, perhaps starting up in the summer, it feels like the end of an era in this place, and the sentimentality is overflowing here. It's been a crazy ride from our first letter writing event now three years ago. I still remember our very first one - before we'd even hired our first staff! - and it was just me and Jon setting up tables, wondering and hoping and scared about whether anyone would even come. It turns out there were a few kindred spirits out there, and we've been so glad you found us. We've had our Letter Writing Clubs monthly, and I have loved that great excuse to sit down and write. In fact, I've got a pile of overdue correspondence looking me over now, although I actually think the best part of the evening is finding folks who are analogue souls, and who are craving that connection through pen and paper just like me.
From getting our own Letter Writing Club letterhead, to first time wax sealers, to summer evenings with the candles and lights, to pen pal match-ups. And of course, egg tarts and treats and coffee and tea. Chicken darting around in and out of people's bags. Caleb bicycling around before he started preschool and got a bedtime. The last push behind the scenes to clear off the tables and set up the stationery and supplies and bring out the chairs and brew a pot of coffee. All of the magic that happens when you send something out through the post, with a tiny little stamp on it. It's our last one, and it's going to be a blast. As always, it's from 7-9 pm, and we have paper and pens and stamps and coffee and treats. Extra special treats this time, and some reminiscing if you're in the mood. It's free! Just drop on by. We're going to have a small number of fun loot bags with surprise treats and stationery for all of our faithful correspondents. Come one and all! Caleb was in charge of the loot bags, so there may be some extra special surprises in some of them - or if you're missing some stuff, you know who to blame ;) We mostly got these to celebrate all of you who have been with us for so long, whether you've been once or every time. Thank you for all of your support and encouragement and participation! We do things for you, but we also couldn't do these things without you, and these evenings have been a very special part of our shop community.
I posted a few quick videos of Caleb getting the loot bags ready on Instagram, and have been receiving a surprising number of messages asking about getting loot bags even if you've never been to the Letter Writing Club before, or if it's free to come by and pick up a bag. We would love to have you if you've been every time, once or never! Please come out and celebrating letter writing with us. However, these loot bags are really just fun and silly surprises - by all means, please come out for whatever reason you'd like, but I think the real excitement of the evening is the good company, treats, and chance to spend some time unplugging and writing. I would really hate for someone who came all the way for some mystery stationery goods to be disappointed because their loot bag didn't contain the goods they'd hoped for, or if we run out.** If you can't make it this time, don't worry - we're going to have more once we get set up in our new west end shop. Sorry! No details on location yet - it's all cloak and dagger as we fumble our way through red tape and renovations so we can finally unveil everything we're working so hard to show you. In any case, whether you're near or far, I hope you're writing some letters to celebrate with us.   *Technically, no: there's April, but we're hoping that we're going to be packing up boxes and schlepping stuff across the city, not lounging around with snacks and correspondence. **I had no idea loot bags would be this popular! If you're not really a letter writing but don't want to miss out on the fun of free mystery supplies, stay tuned for more prizes, sales and freebies as we pack up this shop and open up again.

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March 07, 2018 — wonderpens



Nina said:

Best of luck with the move and I hope it’s not too traumatizing or exhausting. I suggested The Queensway a few months ago as a possibilty for you so I wonder if that’s where you’ll be? How lucky for me if it is!

See you in May!


Braden said:

Hey! Are you hosting a letter writing night on Thursday?


Jim said:

I can say I’ve never been disappointed with a loot bag – treat it like an art challenge. A few sheets of notepaper? I’m making a booklet for my TN or Roterfaden!

We’ll be on our way through town the end of April/first of May. Hoping the new place(s) is(are) open – if not, next time because a visit to Toronto means a visit to Wonderpens.

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