This plague has been an adjustment for everyone, and alas, Chicken has not been immune.

Normally he's an in and out sort of cat, with the luxury of always having someone either at home or in the studio shop to let him outdoors or back in. He's trained us well. Even in the rain, he would go up and down, to sleep in the shop downstairs, or come prowling about upstairs looking for his food bowl or ankles to pounce.

To everyone's surprise and my delight, he has turned out to miss us! The studio shop is vacant and the family, including Super, abandon him to go to the main shop, everyone circling the wagons but he apparently is not necessary, a surplus creature. We would consider bringing him to the main shop but he has zero commands, including the most important one, come. Plus he's really quiet when he skulks around, so people tend to step on him.

He's adjusting. He's extremely affectionate when we come home. Who knew it would take a pandemic to bring this out in him. Meowing, purring, rubbing us, rolling around, tricking you into thinking he wants a belly rub and then attacking your hand, crawling into your lap, kneading you with his extremely sharp talons.

Changes are wild these days.

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May 17, 2020 — wonderpens



Bob said:

Glad to see Chicken is busy reading Middlemarch ;)

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