Scriptus, the Toronto Pen Show, is coming up this Sunday, October 30th, and we couldn't be more excited! The pen show is taking place at the Toronto Reference Library from 10am to 4pm, and we're going to be there all day long! Our shop will also be open from 1-5 pm on Sunday, just for this pen show Sunday. Scriptus Toronto Pen Show We're also a bit nervous because this will be our first time exhibiting. We've spent the last few weeks doing a bit of organizing, but we've really hit full-speed putting things into boxes, taking them out, putting them into different boxes, and then wondering where we put things. Things to keep in mind for the show: Every year, Scriptus has a raffle - you buy tickets and drop them in to enter the draw for specific prizes. Last year, I think we donated an Edison Collier; this year, we're donating a Lamy Dark Lilac Safari with a converter, a bottle of Dark Lilac and a Classiky Desk Tools box. Please be sure to stop by and check out all of the raffle prizes and donations - all the funds collected here help to keep Scriptus completely free for everyone, which I personally think is pretty amazing. There's nothing more welcoming for a new comer to our community than free admission to one of the best pen shows in the world. If you've been to either of the previous two Scriptus shows, you'll know how packed it gets - the crowds and crowds. It seems like this year is going to be even busier, and so we specifically chose to have four tables to give us lots of room to spread out. We're not going to be bringing the whole shop, just a few special and fun items, but we really do hope you'll come by and say hello! There will be signs right at the entrance directing you to the show's location within the library (it's huge), and while I won't say that the crowds will be the thinnest right at the 10:00 open time, I would say you should budget plenty of time for yourself if you're planning on coming, as it will get busy fast. We're going to have lots and lots just for the show: We're going to have a giveaway at our table! Sign up for our e-mail newsletter and enter for a chance to win six Pilot Metropolitans in each of the Retro Pop colours. If you're already signed up for our weekly newsletter, you can still enter the draw by submitting your same email address. The winner will be announced on the blog. We're also going to have Scriptus ink sample bags, with five random ink samples for $5 flat. Some of the possibilities include Lamy Dark Lilac, discontinued Sailor Grenade and other surprises. We'll have some big blank paper out so you can write down the samples you got, if you'd like, and see what other people got in their bags. We'll have free pen show postcards, just stop by our table to pick one up if you'd like a souvenir from the show! I've been literally burning the midnight oil putting wax seals on these guys, and some of them are definitely showing it (as in, there are a few "special" seals on some of them...). We've also been busy making some Scriptus pen show buttons which you can wear proudly, and of course we'll have lots of our Wonder Pens buttons as well. We're going to have Edison pens including their new Burnished Gold Collier and Lapis Lazuli Pearlette, new stuff from Kaweco, Tomoe River paperFranklin-Christoph pens, and lots more from Midori, Life, Lamy, Noodler's and others, including eyedropper kits with syringes + silicone grease + preppies, along with supplies like pen cleaning solutions, syringes, 10 mL sample vials. We're going to have most items at special discounted pen show prices, although there will be a few exceptions. There are some items that we can't discount, like Edison or Franklin-Christoph pens. And speaking of Franklin-Christoph pens! Of course we're going to have our gorgeous Model 20s in our exclusive Bronze Grey colour, BUT! I'm so exited to announce that we're going to be launching our newest Franklin-Christoph Exclusive, the Pocket 20 in our bronze grey, at the show! The Pocket 20 is a smaller version of the Model 20. Franklin-Christoph Exclusive Fountain Pen Wonder Pens Toronto Canada The familiar Model 20 is on the left, and all along the tray to the right are the new Pocket 20s. This little guy is made for an eyedropper. And! These new pocket 20s now come with a black No.6 nib. Franklin-Christoph Exclusive Fountain Pen Wonder Pens Toronto Canada More on these Pocket 20s to come, but the short and sweet of it is that they are eyedropper or short international cartridge only (no converter), and have interchangeable No.6 nibs. These will be listed in our online shop soon, and will also be available in our shop, but we're going to be bringing a whole batch to the show. And, without going too much into detail on it, let's just say be sure to swing by our table early in the day. There are a few extra special F-C pens that I'm pretty sure are going to be gone quickly. Trust me on this one. We are going to be accepting credit cards and cash, but no debit (sorry!) - unfortunately we won't be able to get our Interac machine set up in portable location. If you're going to be there, we please come and visit us! We would love to say hello, truly. There are so many of you who we've 'met' online, and it would be so nice to put faces to real names or Instagram names. Far and away, one of the most incredible things about having opened a pen shop in Toronto and in Canada is getting to know the pen community and so many of the people who are in it. We're going to be using #wonderpensatscriptus2016 and sharing lots and lots on Instagram stories, if you want to follow along during the day, whether you're at the show and want to see what's going on behind the scenes, or you can't make the show and want to see all the excitement. Please use #wonderpensatscriptus2016 as well, if you have a chance! We can't wait to see how your day went, and maybe share a few pictures on the blog. I'm going to have Caleb with me, and while he's in this in-between stage of not really needing a nap, but kinda sorta really actually needing a nap, I'm hoping he'll take a snooze mid-day. Because I have Caleb, and because I'm "not very efficient," Jon has relegated me to picking up lunch and coffee for the team and making sure Caleb doesn't destroy anyone else's table. So I'm definitely hoping a few of you will stop by for a hello and a chat. If you'd like a look back (and oh my goodness, how crazy is it to see how Caleb has grown year by year!), here's: Our Scriptus 2014 recap (its first year!) Our Scriptus 2015 recap A Few Tips on Enjoying a Pen Show And last year I also did a blog post on Philip Akin and the pen show (Philip is one of the show's organizers, and an all-around nice guy). And that's it! It's going to be a big day - long and full and all sorts of wonderful. I'm hoping to see a few of you there, but if not, I hope you can follow along on Instagram, and I will be sharing a few photos here on the blog soon after.

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October 26, 2016 — wonderpens



Anonymous said:

HAHA! Your husband and mine can get together to commiserate ;) I’ve been trying to get Jon to let me keep a few extra for my own collection. Hope you are enjoying your red! Did you eyedropper it??

Ajmal S

Ajmal S said:

Excellent Post Liz.

Hope to see you, Jon, Caleb, and the WonderPens team this Sunday!

Best Wishes.


Ruth Martin

Ruth Martin said:

See you there, Liz! (And Jon, and Caleb!) And hopefully in the store on Saturday, as well – I can’t come to TO and not visit the store, pen show notwithstanding. I may have a shopping list… Woohoo, only 3 more sleeps to go!


Anonymous said:

I’m so glad I got to meet you!! It was such a crowded day, and I was keeping an eye out, but I was worried I would miss you with the crowds. Hope you managed to find a few treasures to bring home to your beautiful AGA ;)


Anonymous said:

So glad I got to bump into you and say hello! Hope your nephew is enjoying his new Wonder Pens’ T :)


Elaine said:

Gah! Extra F-C pens?!? Are you trying to get me in trouble with my husband? :)

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