I know our blog seems a little empty of actual ink or pen reviews, but it's been crazy since we've opened up just two weeks ago! When BlogTO came for an unannounced visit over the weekend, I was sent into a panic as all the pens were a mess and the notebooks were rifled through, but the photographer, Javin Lau, was a trooper, thank goodness. The writer, Sarah Ratchford, came a few days later- it was definitely an unnerving experience, since I'm usually the teacher asking the questions! But it was great just chatting with her as we talked about the neighbourhood, and how business has been since we've opened, and the types of things we're carrying. After Sarah left, I texted Jon to say the BlogTO writer had come, and he asked what I had said - and I said, I have no idea. His unimpressed response: at least we turned the AC on...
Wonder Pens in BlogTO

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July 16, 2013 — wonderpens



wonderpens said:

Wish we’d opened earlier too. See you soon! :)

Danielle P.

Danielle P. said:

Gosh, you’re EVERYWHERE! It’s lovely to see you getting so much enthusiastic coverage!


wonderpens said:

Thanks so much! It’s been very exciting for us! :)


Koshka42 said:

I found your site and thought ‘why couldn’t I find these guys last year when I was searching EVERYWHERE for an affordable fountain pen! Now I realize you only just opened :) I shall have to make a trip out to see you!

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