We've got new stuff in! It's been very hectic around the store! The hot weather meant staying in AC and cold drinks and not moving around too much - but it was a busy week for us with those willing to brave the heat and some new products coming in! We now have the extra large Master Leuchtturm Notebooks in Plain and Dot Hardcover. They are big and beautiful. We also got some of the Leuchtturm Slim Master with music ruling for all the musicians out there.
Leuchtturm Master Notebooks! Just the name sounds impressive.
  We've received our latest shipment of Noodler's Inks, especially exciting because a few bottles were broken! I think I spent a morning with inky hands rescuing intact bottles from soggy paper boxes. Not surprisingly, a corner bottle was broken, but surprisingly, two bottles next to each other right in the middle of the package were broken. However, we do have some bottles in, and some new colours in particular!
New Noodler's Inks in, including Ottoman Azure
Turquoise Ottoman Azure Kiowa Pecan Zhivago Heart of Darkness (only in the larger 4.5 oz bottle) I hope you especially enjoy how our photographing techniques are different with each batch of new products! Variety is the spice of life :) We've had a lot of requests for the Konrad in Clear Demonstrator, but our distributor seems quite out of stock, or else we're just ordering at the wrong moments! We did however get some Konrad Flex Pens in the Ahab Pearl colour. We're back in stock with Pilot Black Fineliners and Black G-Tec-C's, as well as TWSBI 580s in the stub 1.1 and 1.5 nibs! Most exciting of all, we're going to give our hand at offering ink samples. We love when people come into the store to try out the inks first hand because we know even when you compare all of the reviews and images of the ink from other people, it's not quite the same as seeing it yourself with your own eyes. However, not everyone has the time or is able to come to visit our little shop, so we're offering samples of all our inks.
Our vials are a little different from the vials from other retailers - they're quite a bit smaller, and rather than plastic, we chose glass (just a bit more environmentally friendly!), which will also resist staining a little more so you can re-use and re-use as much as you like for all your ink sharing and swapping. You will need a syringe or an eyedropper to get the ink out because the mouth of the vial is not big enough to accommodate a nib, but we figured the sample amount of 2 mL is not really a super easy amount to get all out with a nib anyways - using a syringe will let you get 100% out. For a limited time (until the end of August), we'll give a free ink syringe with your first ink sample from us. If you already have enough ink syringes, you can leave us a note in your order to tell us you don't need an extra, but an ink syringe is always a handy thing. Let us know what you think! Coming soon: Midori Traveler's Notebooks, Lamy Safari Limited Edition Pink, Clairefontaine Paper, Organics Studio Ink, Kaweco pens and pencils back in stock...

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July 21, 2013 — wonderpens



wonderpens said:

Heart of Darkness is only available (to us?? but I think to most retailers) in the larger 4.5 oz bottle!

We’ve just got the Clairefontaine 1951 lined notebooks in, but we will work on the Clairefontaine pads next – let me know if there are any other Clairefontaine products, or any products at all that we can begin ordering in :)

Danielle P.

Danielle P. said:

Well, this is the perfect opportunity to order a sample of HoD!

Danielle P.

Danielle P. said:

Oh no! It must have been horrible to open that box of ink and see the terrible mess! :-( Will you be getting Heart of Darkness in 3 oz bottles? (Is there even such a thing?)

Ink samples! And the glass vials are a very good idea.

Another question: will you have Clairefontaine pads in lined? I’m having trouble finding them.

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