1. Even though it sounds all nice and cute when people say "Liz is running a little stationery shop" compared to "Jon is working at a real job that brings home bacon," it can be very stressful. Especially when Jon comes into the shop after work and says "this is an interesting receipt - what happened here?" 2. I don't like going to the bathroom in the dark. A contractor broke the light bulb in our basement washroom this morning, and since then, I've been rationing my cups of tea. 3a. Generally no one comes into the store when it's raining. And it's a debate as to whether or not you want them to, because they sometimes drip water which you then have to mop up. 3b. How to mop a floor using the best steam cleaner so even my mother-in-law would be proud. 4. It can get confusing when you have too many pens out. I have managed classrooms with 36 middle-school-aged kids, but when I have more than 5 pens out, I think I need some sort of graphic organizer. 5. All you need to do is put out a chair, and people will actually sit on it and have a conversation with you. Previously, I had thought you needed chocolate, or maybe some cookies.

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July 05, 2013 — wonderpens



wonderpens said:

It was great to meet you and your beautiful family! I’m glad you and your friend were able to try a few inks out – that’s one of my favourite parts of shopping for ink :)
We’ll look forward to seeing you soon!


Keiji said:

It was a pleasure meeting you and Jon yesterday. It was nice to be able to try out the different inks before purchasing. My friend enjoyed the green ink he purchased for marking papers as well. We hope to visit you guys soon to pick up more inks

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