Dear readers, Jon and I have taken our first steps to starting Wonder Pens. We are glad you are here. Please enjoy your stay. *** I received my first fountain pen from Jon, not knowing it would be one of many, many. On a business trip to New York, he returned home with a new writing utensil: a fountain pen. He brought home two cartridges, and it soon became clear that would not be enough. After the discover of convertors and bottled ink, it all began to get crazy. Soon came my second pen, a Lamy Safari, Sailor inks, the list goes on. After visits to US online retailers, and paying some pretty steep shipping and customs charges, we realized there is a need in the Canadian market. Affordable Japanese pens and a wide variety of entry-level and mid-range pens, along with an interesting selection of inks to keep trying and high quality paper to write on: Wonder Pens. We're setting up our website as we speak. Visit or don't visit too soon - just don't look too closely at our details, we're still moving things around! The process of setting things up, getting the right applications to the right merchant accounts and all of it is taking quite a lot of brainpower. We are also looking for a lease in Toronto, just a small space to to give you with a friendly, welcoming place to try new inks and strike up a conversation about the long tradition of writing. Jon and Liz

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