Last week I got to relive my teacher days by handing out a test to the staff. We did another staff show and tell, with everyone bringing in a pen and ink, but instead of just a regular go around and sharing, we filled in a little questionnaire, using our pen and ink of choice. It was brought to my attention that it had been a while since we did a staff show and tell, so we planned to have one for the following staff meeting. As an extra special bonus, we put our pens to good use: I handed out the test, put some Puccini on the shop Spotify, wandered around examining my plants, looked over people's shoulders as they were writing. It really was just like the good old days: people drawing outside of the box, others challenging my questions, someone finished ridiculously early and started looking for things to do.
Our staff pick were (left to right): Amber: Platinum Cool with Diamine Cobalt Jazz Elaine: yStudio Classic with J. Herbin Rouille d'ancre Brendan: Faber Castell Loom with Kobe #21 Taisanji Yellow Jon: Pilot Vanishing Point with Noodler's Black Swan in Australian Roses Celene: TWSBI 580 AL Orange (discontinued) with Noodler's Violet Josh: TWSBI ALR with Kobe #6 Bordeaux Not pictured above, Caleb's pen was a Charcoal Safari with Pelikan 4001 Brown  
Now that we have two shops, we occasionally have to pipe someone in over Skype - you can see the top of Amber's head on the laptop. This was actually a lot of fun to do as a staff - it's interesting and funny to see what people think, especially with something as personal as stationery. Even people you think you know so well because you work with them everyday surprise you. Here are a few sample answers from our team:
And, while the staff quiz that I gave had a few particulars related to our own shipping operations and people on our team, I thought I would include one here for you all, in case you wanted to print it out for your local pen meet-ups. It's a great way to break the ice, or just something fun to do to warm people up - it can be surprising and hilarious and even border on contentious when pen people get together to share their opinions on stationery. You can find things out about people that can be shocking and permanently changing to your relationship with them forever. I mean, who doesn't like bubble tea?* You can share answers by a show of hands for some questions (orange or purple?) or go around and read answers aloud. Fountain Pen Quiz If you click on the link above, it'll open the quiz in a new tab that you can print out from. If you don't have a pen club or group, you could still fill it out and mail it to us here at the shop! We would love to see your answers. Wonder Pens Stationery Shop 290 Gerrard Street East Toronto, Ontario M5A 2G4  
  *Not to name names, but apparently Josh and Brendan.

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November 14, 2018 — wonderpens



Aldo said:

This was a really fun post to read, thank you for sharing it.


thyna said:

how fun! i wish i had fountain pen friends to do this with but unfortunately i’m alone in my hobby, haha.

also, do you have any idea when christmas cards will be in stock?


wonderpens said:

You are never alone :)

They are coming very, very soon! Possibly this week or next, both boxed sets and individuals. ’Tis the season!

Ruth Martin

Ruth Martin said:

Too funny! I’ll send you my completed quiz in a Christmas card (assuming we still have a postal system by then — I’m feeling pessimistic about it right now!).

I have to choose just ONE favourite special edition ink?? And judging by the growth of my pen collection, what my pens get up to at night might be x-rated…


Rosemary said:

If quizzes in school had been like this, I would have aced them. I would also have answered that double broad nibs are basically markers. If only I had more fountain pen friends to give this quiz to!

How are you faring with the postal strike??


wonderpens said:

Keep the quiz in mind when you do happen to bump into more! A good ice breaker :)

We are doing okay with the postal strike. It’s rotating, and of course anyone doing Christmas shopping now will surely get it well in time for the big day. It’s definitely worrying as a small business – large businesses and corporations are the ones with the means to move to other shipping options – but we’re playing it by ear. Weathering the storm, and keeping our fingers crossed!

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