This past Victoria Day weekend, the family headed over the to main shop to treat some of the plants to some fresh soil. It was something I try to do every year on the holiday weekend--nothing like a statutory holiday to tie a tradition to so you don’t forget--although we missed last year because May coincided with the big move.

So this year was an event. It's lovely to freshen up some long-neglected plants, pull off some dead leaves, trim some excess root. Now that I'm mostly at the studio shop with the studio shop plants, the main shop plants are sometimes left wayward, although given my seemingly naturally haphazard state, the studio shop plants probably aren't faring much better.

I bought a few large terracotta pots, and then we played musical pots, moving plants from one pot to another, balancing plants that were completely root bound needing larger pots and plants that had shriveled up and were on the verge of death following two taxing years and could fit in a smaller pot. I split up a few large plants that had little pups or new shoots, and generally left a soil mess everywhere.

And I brought home a few plants to be sprouted here at the studio shop. They multiply, they die off, the circle of life.

Previous years:
What a crazy ride.


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June 05, 2019 — wonderpens


Ali S.

Ali S. said:

Funnily enough, due to the excellent weather today with the Sun out and the warmth: I decided to trim my plants and give them some TLC.

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