Hobonichi is here! Because it’s already here, the boxes being sorted through and counted, we’re going to delay launching our new website, just so everyone can navigate their Hobonichi items in a familiar setting.

This is our final shipment from Hobonichi. It’s a big one, there’s lots there, including some new stuff. Some items, mostly just the special edition covers, are out of stock from Hobonichi, which is sadly part of the nature of some of these special edition releases. 5-year planners as well as of course all of the standard planners are coming back in.

Hobonichi items are going to be released to the website on Thursday, October 22nd at 11 am EST. Please don’t hesitate to reach out orders@wonderpens.ca if you have any questions.

In any case, we are rolling onwards. I guess it doesn’t really seem like it since we just apparently delayed our website launch, so we’re more rolling around. In motion, at least.

It’s grey and drizzling here in Toronto, a grim foreboding of the winter season ahead. Chicken is currently passive aggressively displeased with me because he was stuck outside in the rain, and now he’s alternating between licking himself pathetically and eying me from the other end of the couch. But there are bright things in store, and we are counting on the sun to come up eventually.

I’ve, alas, hit a small logistical snag in our pen pal match up but that is to be resolved imminently! This delay in particular has been looming above my head for a while now, my own cloud moving with me. It has been a lot of work, but also a lot of fun, and quite interesting. I will let everyone know once all the matches have been put into the mail, which should be quite shortly.

I have a few things I’m working on the blog. Nothing tremendously exciting, but things are slowly making their way to the front. It’s the beginning of the week, Monday, which always seems like it’s full of potential, all the things that are going to get crossed off the big lists, progress, launches, exciting weeknight meals to be prepared. Hope you are all off to a good start.

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October 19, 2020 — wonderpens



M said:

I don’t know how much you’re planning on talking about your side of this pen pal exchange after it’s “over”, but I am so interested! It seems like it would both very special and very very stressful to get all those letters and sort them all out.

Wishing you some sun and a happy week.


wonderpens said:

I will try and do a blog post with some details! It has been a lot of fun. I’m sorry for the delay, but things are moving along now! :)


M said:

Oh haha you shouldn’t apologize! You are doing a great kindness to many letter writers, I am sure. You’re like Santa Claus, managing so much mail in a wonderful little shop! :)

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