Yesterday I posted a bunch of Instagram Stories of some of the new 2021 Hobonichi covers and accessories and things.

It’s overwhelming and thrilling and there are so many new things this year. Every year there are new covers, but this year in particular, it seems like there are so many new things that are now available to retailers and we’re so thrilled to be carrying them.

They’re coming to the website soon—over the next couple of days. I thought about waiting to do this blog post until everything is up, but instead I thought I would give you some info now so you can be prepared as things go up. This is one of the most exciting seasons for stationery nerds as we prepare for the new year. 2021 is swooping down upon us and thank goodness for that.

There is a lot coming. Please bear with us as we add it all online. It should all be coming over the next day or two. It will also be available for browsing in store (our hours are Wed, Fri, Sat 12-4 at the Main Shop; curbside pick up available at Studio Shop, please reach out to book an appointment).

This is our first shipment, and it’s nice and early in the year. There should be additional shipments coming. Once everything is added online, if something does get sold out, I strongly suggest you sign up for an email in stock notification, so you get an automatic email once it comes back in. Because these are seasonal or special edition, and sometimes dated items, this is your one “season” of the year to grab a lot of these items.

Lots of new covers! Shaun Tan!(!!) Liberty! A time-traveling bird with a letter! There are also a lot of accessories this year, including rubber stamps, stencils, pencil boards, and (undated) notebooks. We also have the 5-year journals in A5 and A6, as well as all the standard planners (cousin, weeks, techo).


It has been a year. And in particular, these last few weeks have been a bit hairy as we try to get ourselves ready for back to school, squeezing in the last of what we’d like to do together as a family, for the kids, along with trying to get all the things we need, the shoes, debating the pros and cons of various water bottles in a water-fountain-less school, while wondering if a reusable water bottle is going to be a COVID carrier and if we should just do daily plastic water bottles which is a thought that is so abhorrent that we bought the Spiderman water bottle. My sewing machine broke just as I was trying to get my mask production ramped up, and everyone was trying to explain to me how to use it, and I was trying to explain to everyone that it really was broken, and it wasn’t just me. Caleb has a little bottle of hand sanitizer for his backpack and I’m already envisioning it cracking open and seeping out everywhere.

With all the craziness of the coming school year and finishing off this year that I can’t wait to have as just a memory, it’s a lovely things to get lost in a bit of stationery for a while. A glorious and exciting decision where you can be as anal as you like, and not worry about long-lasting psychological impacts on your children other than them having a parent who is a little nutty.



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August 31, 2020 — wonderpens



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OMG, I cannot wait! I love hobonichi!


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This was so helpful. Thanks!


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Thanks for reading!

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