A few local businesses and other shops we know have been sharing how they’ve been broken into, windows smashed, liquor or goods stolen. Some have boarded up their windows, and it’s a haunting sight. Fewer eyes on the street, everyone at home.

The other day Jon was taking the garbage out late at night, and he found a man who had hopped the fence and was rifling through the car, apparently reading our scintillating junk mail. It was pretty wild. We’ve been now scrambling to find stronger security measures. Our neighbours warned us against locking the car because thieves will just break the windows, and it’s just loose change in the car anyways.

But because we have the kids and the animals in the backyard, and the shop is also downstairs, Jon called in an electrician to get a quote on installing motion detector security lights, with the added bonus that this might deter raccoons for at least a few weeks until they become inured to lights.

I, along with the children, the dog and the cat, are deemed the least essential to the operations of the business, so the five of us were left here to meet the electrician and show him around.

When I was bringing him around into the backyard, as we exited the back studio shop door, I saw the dead carcass of what appeared to be either an extremely large rodent, or possibly a very small raccoon or bird, presumably killed by the cat. I was startled and horrified and aghast and may have shrieked lightly and the electrician was a bit worried about me. It turned out to be a grey toque with the pom pom a bit chewed up (Chicken?).

Jon, unconcerned about my appearing crazy, was more concerned about who was leaving hats in our backyard.

In any case, on the way in, the electrician, who’s done work for us before, commented on how empty the shop was. We’ve been clearing out inventory from the studio shop and bringing it over to the main shop so we can get it up online. With how long this looks to be, having notebooks and pens sit around in an empty shop is no good. It’s a bit demoralizing to contemplate the months and years of business, of setting up displays, building inventory, tidying things up, greeting customers, all coming down to a vacant shop, so I’m basically just trying not contemplating it very much.

One day at a time. Today I will take the sunshine, reading a few books with the kids and better things to come.


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April 22, 2020 — wonderpens



Bob said:


Elaine Tucker

Elaine Tucker said:

So sorry to hear about your trouble with someone breaking in to your car. Have to admit the part that worried me the most was the fact that Jon interrupted the thief. Possessions are just things, people are irreplaceable.
Your neighbour is right about not locking your car. A former colleague of mine (retired, the lucky dog) told me the same thing. He figured a few missing loonies is much less expensive than the deductible on replacing a window in his car.
Stay safe and healthy.


Anonymous said:

Yes, it’s a bit scary! Without as many people on the street, going to work, going out for dinner, shopping, the streets are a bit emptier.

Thanks so much for reading!

Pat D

Pat D said:

Wow… the breaking into cars/shops thing is a bit scary… sorry to hear that’s happenning.

Not gonna lie, your blog posts is one of the things I look forwards to reading in these times, and I’m super grateful for the frequent posts.


Bob said:

Thanks for sharing your daily challenges…. The pathos reminded me of Chaplin… laugh and cry on the same time…
For motion detector lights, there are battery operated ones, which could be cheaper….


Anonymous said:

You hit the nail on the head, we are laughing and crying, and just hoping to make it to the other side of this.

We have some non-functioning motion detector lights already installed, so we are hoping to just get them back working. Because the backyard is long, though, we may be looking at some solar panel ones to attach to the back, which may help increase lighting and safety in the lane way, which would be a nice bonus.

Thanks so much for taking the time to write! :)

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