Now that the shops are closed, I’ve been making my way through the ink in the tester pens in the shop, rinsing them out and leaving them to dry. It’s been going slowly.

I’ve been telling myself that my goal is to use up all the ink in these pens by the time the shops open up again, and I can’t tell if that’s ambitious, optimistic or unrealistic. At the very least, it’s forcing me to write with all the different nib sizes we carry, including the 1.5 stub and the Pilot extra fine, and I’ve also been very curious about the inks that they’ve been filled with. It’s all very surreal.

In any case, here are most of the remaining pens that still have ink in them: I will keep you updated.

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April 16, 2020 — wonderpens



Christine said:

I just bought a Pilot extra fine and I think I like it. It’s very precise. I’ve only used it with one ink so far but I look forward to testing out more.

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