TWSBI ECO-T Fountain Pen Set - Royal Jade


TWSBI ECO-T Fountain Pen Set - Royal Jade

The TWSBI ECO-T is a lightweight balanced pen that is perfect if you're getting into the world of fountain pens. With its large piston filling ink capacity, it's perfect for everyday use. The twist cap is nice and secure for transportation, and the clear demonstrator body allows you to know exactly how much ink you have left. The Eco-T features a slightly more pronounced triangular grip.

This edition of the ECO-T features rose-gold plated trim, nib and a rose-gold plated piston unit adding an elegant touch to the pen. Including with the set is an 18mL bottle of TWSBI Midnight Blue ink.

Dimensions: 14cm capped (17 cm posted)
Weight: 22g

Pen does not come with any ink. TWSBI ECO can be a bit more difficult to fill from ink samples and work best filling from bottle ink. 

To find out more details about this pen, check out our blog.
*If you're not quite sure what nib size is the right one for you, we hope our TWSBI nib size comparison post will help.

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