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Dominant Industry Fountain Pen Ink (25mL) - Wonder Pens Exclusive - Tuna Grey


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Dominant Industry Fountain Pen Ink (25mL) - Wonder Pens Exclusive - Tuna Grey

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Bruce Dawson
writing on the wall

most awesome penful experience ever! recommended for anyone who uses pen & ink.
peace on earth


This ink is great. I really love it!!!

Perfect Grey, Perfect Namesake?

I picked up this ink months ago because I can't resist something named after one of the Wonder Cats.
But - this ink is amazing. I filled my WP Franklin Christophe with it and have kept it filled ever since. That ink and that pen are a total love match (like Chicken and Tuna perhaps?)
Cats aside, it's a great ink colour. I love a really dark black ink, but this grey is lovely, consistent and a bit soft. (Just like its namesake?)
I will be buying a second bottle as I'm halfway through my first and can't bear the thought of being without.
Highly recommend!


A lovely ink that is full of shop sentimentality if you adore Chicken and Tuna like so many WonderPens customers do!

Joanne M
Great workhorse color

This is a nicely balanced grey that leans toward a soft black. Shows up nicely on cream paper without being overwhelming. Not too wet or dry. I use it for journaling but this would be completely appropriate in a work setting. Nice work Tuna!