TWSBI VAC 700R Fountain Pen


TWSBI VAC 700R Fountain Pen

The 700R is a remake of the 700. The external design is the same, but has a little bit of internal re-engineering to make it work smoother.

The pen sports an exciting vacuum fill mechanism. With a body size similar to the popular 580 series, and a textured clip, it is a great addition for anyone who is a TWSBI fan. The pen features a clear body, which allows you to witness the vacuum fill mechanism in all its glory. Best of all - you can fully disassemble your pen so you can clean it properly and easily. Simple and elegant, yet completely usable for everyday writing. Comes with a small vial of silicone grease and a wrench for disassembly.

VAC 700 nib units are not compatible with the VAC 700R

Dimensions: Capped 5.79 inches Weight: 32g

Please note that no ink comes with this pen - use with any type of bottled fountain pen ink.
*If you're not quite sure what nib size is the right one for you, we hope our TWSBI nib size comparison post will help too!

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