TWSBI VAC 700R Fountain Pen


TWSBI VAC 700R Fountain Pen

The 700R is a remake of the 700. The external design is the same, but has a little bit of internal re-engineering to make it work smoother.

The pen sports an exciting vacuum fill mechanism. With a body size similar to the popular 580 series, and a textured clip, it is a great addition for anyone who is a TWSBI fan. The pen features a clear body, which allows you to witness the vacuum fill mechanism in all its glory. Best of all - you can fully disassemble your pen so you can clean it properly and easily. Simple and elegant, yet completely usable for everyday writing. Comes with a small vial of silicone grease and a wrench for disassembly.

VAC 700 nib units are not compatible with the VAC 700R

Dimensions: Capped 5.79 inches Weight: 32g

Please note that no ink comes with this pen - use with any type of bottled fountain pen ink.
*If you're not quite sure what nib size is the right one for you, we hope our TWSBI nib size comparison post will help too!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Rachel Y

I'm not by any means an expert on fountain pens, as this pen is my first fountain pen purchase. I bought this pen with the extra fine nib because I tend to only prefer pens with very fine tips. Without a doubt, one of the best investments I now own. The weight initially feels heavy but on writing, you don't notice the weight and if anything, feels more sturdy in your hands to help with writing. The filling mechanism is incredibly easy to use, again as a beginner, it didn't take much to learn how to fill it with ink. Ink flows very easily. albeit a little wet but ink dries fairly quick depending on paper. I love that you can see the ink inside the pen to give you a heads up when you are running low. It looks like a fairly easy pen to clean out as well. Overall, highly recommend this pen. I will surely be using it everyday (in fact, the pen itself will be motivating me to journal every day).

Love this pen

I was very surprised how much I liked this pen. I bought it on a whim with the 1.1 stub nib. The pen has a great weight to it and the vacuum filling is not hard to use at all. The pen feels quite solid in my opinion. It might end up being a pain to clean out if I want to switch inks or anything without taking the pen apart. It seems to have a great capacity and should be able to get a lot of writing out of this.

Chris W

I picked up this pen randomly on my last visit to the shop. I'm glad I did. Previously, I had nothing but poor experiences with TWSBI and had given up on the brand completely. The filling mechanism mixed with the overall size of the pen won me over. Give this pen a try, you won't be disappointed. By far, this is the best pen TWSBI makes in my opinion.

Jun Hyung Park
Awesome pen & Appreciate for Good Service

I had to order this pen because there are so much hype around TWSBI fountain pens recently in people blogs. Initially was going order both “TWSBI VAC 700R Fountain Pen” and “TWSBI Diamond 580 Aluminum Fountain Pen - Turquoise” in medium nib size. Because Diamond 580 AL in Turquoise is out of stock, I ordered VAC 700R and two bottles of J. Herbin ink. I had only lunch break to play with this pen, so could not figure out short writing and long writing. So far I love it. I use Monblanc whenever I need to sign documents at work, very rarely. I use Pelikan whenever I have to write a lot. If TWSBI provides consistent quality, I will switch over to TWSBI instead of Pelikan.

I also very impressed with Wonderpens about the value they put in to a CSR – using dissolvable packaging material – and their Thank You card.  I will continue to do business with this pen shop, and definitely recommend if someone is looking for a good pen shop.

Stephanie R
Am in love...

This pen is just smooth. I wasn't too sure with the Vac mechanism as I had problems with its predecessor and well I figured I'd take a chance and get one. I'm glad I did as it's become my absolute favourite TWSBI pen and I love using it daily. I highly recommend trying this pen out and you'd be taken away on a great writing experience.