TWSBI GO Fountain Pen - Sapphire


TWSBI Go Fountain Pen - Sapphire

The TWSBI Go Fountain Pen features a new spring loaded piston that fills up quickly and easily.

Dimensions: Capped 13.3 cm (Posted 17.1 cm)
Weight: 16 g

For more about the pen, please check out our blog.
*If you're not quite sure what nib size is the right one for you, we hope our TWSBI nib size comparison post will help too!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
David Rutledge
Nicely balanced. My writing looks great.

I have a zillion fountain pens, some expensive, some not so at all. This little pen is a joy to write with, because it's light-weight and nicely balanced. I find myself reaching for it first so as to have the fun experience again and again. I have the EF nib and find it is great, giving a little desirable feedback -- but not too much.


I just received my very first TWSBI-GO in sapphire blue with a medium nib. I ordered it mid-morning on Sunday and it was in my mailbox when I got home from work on Tuesday. I also ordered a small jar of TWSBI ink in Emerald Green - what a beautiful colour! The pen and ink were extremely well packaged and marked on the outside of the box with a bright orange FRAGILE sticker. I love the spring-loaded piston fill - very innovative and also able to draw up more ink than other converters. The first writing test was very smooth - no scratching or skipping and the ink flow was consistent. TWSBI is my new favourite pen (beating out my former favourite - my pink Faber-Castell pen). Thank you!

Norman McDonough

It is great to have a nice pen in your pocket and I have them but, if you want to give yourself a surprise and a treat, go buy a TWSBI GO. I have two with the 1.1mm nib and I use them every day. They write first time every time. They do not skip. They do not leak. I use Pilot ink [Yama-Budo] in one and Diamine [Oxblood] in another if that helps. I love the filling system; one push. I love the flow [heavy]. If the person's hand can handle the large size these have to be among the best first-fountain-pen choices. I know they are inexpensive. You could even call them cheap, but they are great!

Not that great

Bought the TWSBI Go with EF nib after having read so many good reviews with the intention of it being my go-to everyday pen. I wanted the same nib as the one on Eco but a pen which has snap cap so it is easy to open and close while taking down notes in class. But it turned out to be not that smooth when compared to the EF nib of the TWSBI Eco. I'm actually quite disappointed because the nib is supposed to be the same on both Go and the Eco, yet the writing experience with EF nib is very different. The ink flow and the smoothness on Eco is so much better whereas I observed skipping issues on the Go and it did not write as smooth as the Eco. I tried various inks and the same result. Just pay a little extra and go for the Eco if you want an EF nib.

This is a great pen!

I purchased the TWSBI Go with an EF nib and this is a really awesome pen. The nib was really smooth out of the box, really easy to fill with a capacity that lasts for an age. This is my go to pen when I’m travelling and journaling. I also use it for drawing and sketching when I’m on the road. So good that I have bought several for friends as gifts.