TWSBI Diamond 580 Aluminum Fountain Pen


TWSBI Diamond 580 Aluminum Fountain Pen.

TWSBI fountain pens have become one of the most popular companies with a loyal following that's growing by the day. With a name inspired from centuries of classic Chinese calligraphy and culture, TWSBI has come from over 40 years of manufacturing in plastics and metal to create a fountain pen balancing modern aesthetics and mechanical function. Traditional writing instruments have been redesigned to become the perfect tool for our modern world.

The 580 Aluminum has all the great features fans have grown to love with the 580: a clear body allowing you to see you ink, but now sporting a sleek aluminum section. The piston fill mechanism is clean and smooth, and holds a considerable amount of ink. Best of all - you can fully disassemble your pen so you can clean it properly and easily.

Simple and elegant, yet completely usable for everyday writing.
The cap does not post on the back of the pen.
Comes with a small vial of silicone grease and a wrench for disassembly.

Dimensions: Capped 5.6 inches
Weight: 32g

Please note that no ink comes with this pen - use with any type of bottled fountain pen ink.

To find out more details about this pen, check out our blog.
*If you're not quite sure what nib size is the right one for you, we hope our TWSBI nib size comparison post will help too!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great pen

Got the EF nib. Smooth perfect line with my Montblanc permanent black ink. Very little feedback, as I like it.
Using the inkwell special feed seemed to leave about 25% of the tank empty, so I will have to look at how I'm doing it, and alternative ways to fill it.
I have a VAC700r with a new gold Joco #6 EF nib (a fantastic nib), which was my favourite pen until now, but this is also excellent, and the provided Joco nib is at least as good.

I need more

I love this pen. The weight feels nice in your hand, although it feels like most is in the cap, so it doesn't feel too heavy when writing. I do write unposted. I love being able to see the ink inside the pen. The writing is so smooth. I ordered a broad and then worried that I wouldn't like a broad nib, but it's nice to see a large amount of ink make a difference to the ink colour. I do want more of this pen, in the other nib sizes. Good thing they're not too expensive. I have a more expensive pen that doesn't write as nice as this pen. I also like that I can use a syringe to fill this pen with ink samples.

Peter John R Buchan
My favourite pens

I own 3 Diamond 580 Aluminum pens in a variety of colours. I bought the first when I was thinking of getting back into using fountain pens after a long hiatus, and honestly fell in love with them. I find them very comfortable to use, and have a M, F and EF nib. They work well will a variety of inks: I've used Lamy, Quink and Noodler's in them and, while I have had to play around with the consistency of inks to match the nib size, that is to be expected. The only concern I've had is that the caps have a tendency to break along the metal ring, but the TWSBI North America rep has been extremely helpful and quick to respond with replacements free of charge, something that impresses me even more than the pens themselves. Definitely worth the purchase!

First Pen - I love it

I bought the TWSBI Diamond 580 Aluminium in Extra-Fine 7 months ago and have been using it as my only pen this entire time. I take it to school and work, never had a problem. The piston-filler is very easy to use and you get a lot of writing done before you need to refill it. I've been using Sailor Jentle Midnight Blue ink and when writing on proper paper it really is a treat.

Makes my hand happy

This is an excellent pen. It feels good in the hand, the weight balanced. The materials and workmanship are apparent when you first pick it up, and the details only go to bolster those first impressions. I am very happy with this pen and will keep my eye out for other TWSBI pens.