Pilot Metropolitan - Diamond Gold


Pilot Metropolitan - Diamond Gold

The Pilot Metropolitan is a great starter pen. With its sleek metal body, easy snap cap, and smooth nib it's a perfect everyday writer.

If you're not sure which nib size is for you, please take a look at our blog post!


•Iridium tipped steel nib made in house by Pilot.
•Sophisticated champagne coloured metal body.

Includes one proprietary Pilot squeeze converter for use with bottled ink, and one proprietary ink cartridge.

L: 13.8cm capped; 12.6cm uncapped; 15.3cm posted 
Weight: 26g

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Dorothy Marczinko
Be very aware of how you hold your pen.

The minute I filled up my new pen and picked it up to write, I realized I have made a mistake. The pen is very uncomfortable to hold because the screw/cap spot is exactly where my fingers naturally sit, not closer to the nib and not higher up. I am disappointed, mostly in myself because I tried testers and should have noticed. As a result, I think I will only use it rarely and not for any length of time. The pen seems fine otherwise, but if it is uncomfortable to use, it doesn't really matter.

Excellent pen for beginners and everyday use

I received this pen as a gift from my Reddit Secret Santa. It is my first fine nib pen and I love it. I was looking for a fountain pen that I could use everyday and this one is perfect. It's amazing quality, comes with a converter and complimentary cartridge, the cap fits snug when posted, it writes so smoothly and it doesn't leak. I've been writing with it all week and my hands are ink free which is a first LOL. I love this pen so much I bought the same one in black for my own Secret Santa. The only problem I had which I think was just a fluke was that I could not for the life of me remove the converter, the videos I watched showed it comes out with just a gentle tug but mine was really stuck. It took a dozen tries of me using all my might but eventually I got it. Hopefully no one else has that problem but if you do just have some patience. Overall, this is a great pen and highly recommend it!

Greater Starter Pen

The Pilot Metropolitan is an excellent quality pen for this price point. Nice weight, durable, and a beautiful nib. I highly recommend this pen to anyone who wants to get started with fountain pens!

great fountain pen for the price

the pilot metropolitan is one of my favorite fountain pens in this price range. compared to other pens around the same price, i think it has a higher quality feel to it: it has a good weight, and feels more luxurious than its price would suggest. it writes smoothly and reliably, and i almost always have it inked up in favor of other pens in my collection. i have it in a medium nib, which i find great as an everyday writer while still being able to show off some shading (compared to the fine nib).

Great pen

This is my first fountain pen and it's been my go-to pen for all my writing needs. It handles well on all surfaces and have a smooth feel to it. Refilling is easy. Good weight to it, and overall a fabulous pen, especially for the easy price.