G. Lalo Verge de France - A4 - White (50 sheets)


G. Lalo Verge de France - A4 White (50 sheets)

G. Lalo Verge de France stationery and correspondence paper is the ultimate experience in writing. The company's history dates back to upper class French and European social correspondence, and it continues to be used today for treasured letters and writing.

Verge refers to the grid of parallel translucent lines ("vergeures") that was formed in handmade paper as the sheets were laid to dry (the origin of the term "laid finish"). The paper is fountain pen friendly, and has a beautiful, subtle texture giving just enough feel between the nib and paper. Once you begin using Verge de France stationery for your thank-you notes and letters, you will never go back.

For a more detailed review of this paper in ivory, please check out our blog.
100gsm paper.
Available in white or ivory.

Available in A5 or A4 tablets.

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect for a Special Recipient

I've used all G. Lalo papers, except for Velin de France. This one is the best and most balanced of the three I've tried.

It has a presence and a heft compared to Tomoe River paper. When you ruffle it, you can hear the quality. The watermark in the middle is a mark of distinction and should show the recipient you care about them and the paper you use. The laid texture, which you might think will make the paper bumpy when writing, is really under the surface layer, like the watermark. Of the three I've tried, this paper is best for EF, F, and flex nibs. I'm sure M or B nibs will be even smoother. Now, it does have more feedback than Clairefontaine, but only a little and actually helps you to not get your pen ahead of itself. The Velin pur Coton and Toile Imperiale will feel more scratchy and rough.

There is absolutely no feathering, even with a flex nib putting down a lot of ink. In exchange, however, you don't get as much sheen. There was bleeding, but only when I placed a pool of ink to test it. In all other scenarios, there was no bleed.

So, I would definitely recommend this paper for correspondence writing or other special occasions. However, I wouldn't use it as a daily paper because its only drawback is the expense. At about 65 cents per sheet, you'll want to choose carefully your purpose.

Laid paper with texture

This white G. Lalo Verge de France is white and 100g/m2. It's easy to both see and feel the laid quality of the paper. No feathering or bleed through. Although one can feel the texture of the laid paper, it isn't unpleasant, and it accepts the ink well, at least for medium and wider nibs. (I didn't try a fine or smaller nib.)