Dominant Industry Fountain Pen Ink (25mL) - Wonder Pens Exclusive - Ginger Chicken


Dominant Industry Fountain Pen Ink (25mL) - Wonder Pens Exclusive - Ginger Chicken


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Love this ink. Was on my wish list for two years 🥰

Ramiz Mansour



This is my second time buying this ink, and I am so pleased to say that this special edition of Dominant Industry has yet again AMAZED me! The colour (as well as its partner, Tuna grey) is nice on the eyes and is absolutely gorgeous in colour, that I think that no photo can truly do it justice than seeing it in its glory in person. Fantastic purchase and hopefully I don’t consume this bottle as quickly as I did with my first one! Highly recommend to folks who want to step out of the standard Blue and Black inks, and look into introducing colour into their collection!

Nick P.

I love this ink. It is the first that opened my eyes toward the potential that ink has to shade. As a regular Medium nib user, on Hobonichi paper, this is something to marvel at. BUT. After some time now of testing different inks, finding what works for me, I will say that this has the potential to smudge and stain, well after a minute of dry time, more than any other ink I have tried to date. If I am not careful, and mistakenly rest my hand on some ink that is over a day old, it will still smudge and stain my pages, which can be frustrating.

Joanne M.
Beautiful color, rich and warm

At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to buy this ink color (I bought the Tuna Grey & love it). I’m not a fan of orange (except on cats) but decided to take the plunge and I’m glad I did. The color is a true ginger, leaning towards a rusty brown. A lovely mid-tone, warm and welcoming. Not too bright, not too light. Good flow and very readable. Thank you WonderPens.