Traveler’s Company has re-released their Olive edition into the standard line-up, and we are all rejoicing. The Olive is such a great colour, earthy and warm.

It is so much fun to get a new notebook, a new companion to break in, to carry with you, and sometimes the newness of it can be an inspiration. When you love your notebook, you tend to pull it out more, to rifle through the pages, to get comfortable with it. It is, itself, a comfort to hold in the hand. A leather notebook cover that shows the wear of its journey can be even more cherished.

When I first heard about the revival, I pulled out my old Olive TN from ages past. A million years ago! Maybe more. Time is tricky, so who can say? It was a whoosh down memory lane to when I had this at Carlaw, before we were a partner shop, before our first trip to Japan where we met all the lovely TN people.

I am prone to collectionism, small collections of things that inspire me and hold their own magic and stories, and these leather covers are no different. Each of them have held their own inserts, have been my companion for some season of life. I only use one at a time, so the rest sit on my shelf, looking out at my closet office. Each represents some milestone of the stationery journey, maybe a friendship, maybe the cover that I was using when this or that baby was still a baby.

I love the Traveler’s Notebook, its whole ecosystem, and how just holding it gives me the itch to travel, to be somewhere new. I hope if you have one, it is your companion on all of your adventures and journeys.

Caleb from those early days, along with the early days of my Olive Traveler’s Notebook. We still have that blanket, I still wear that backpack (although the zipper has broken and I’m trying to get it fixed), familiar pens, familiar activities, but how life moves in huge sweeping motions. What a rush.

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May 08, 2023 — Liz Chan



Alex said:

I feel like olive drab usually gets an unfairly bad rap- it’s such a nice shade, like you turned green into a neutral. By the by, while I’ve not been there, there’s a repair shop at Bay and Bloor my great aunt swears by if you’re still trying to get that zipper fixed.

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