Caleb continues to be our early morning riser, jet lag bringing out the best in everyone as we all know, and so he has a little predawn adventure with Percy Jackson before joining us in our dream world, here roaming Taiwan in search of good stationery and good food. I actually only brought one book light which we all have to share, and it’s my biggest packing mistake.         


We also continue to try to find a balance between downtime in the hotel and going off into the world, usually with some target in mind, and hoping to stumble across some other oasis of air conditioning along the way.


Of note:

  • we’ve begun sending postcards home (fun!)
  • everywhere we go, we’ve been picking up buns and keeping them in the stroller for snacks on the go
  • no tipping is surreal
  • enjoying unsweetened,cold tea in bottles from 7/11 and Family Mart
  • Taipei mosquitoes are very feisty and I’m afraid
  • generally very good accessibility (for our stroller) at all major stores and chains, but lots of smaller shops have steps
  • the heat and humidity is very effective for lulling baby into an afternoon nap


More to come!







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June 30, 2024 — Liz Chan



Nurul said:

Junia with books is always a favorite to see. Thanks for sharing! You have a kodak retro! I can’t seem to find a good setting to print pictures without them looking too dark or dinghy.
Wonder Pens replied:
You know, Junia with books is one of my favourite things to see, too. I agree that it’s hard to print photos and achieve high quality. I think I’ve just come to accept it’s the memory inside that I’m hoping to capture, rather than a photo that looks very good. Perhaps also a problem with the photographer, actually, in my case…haha!

Lisa R-R

Lisa R-R said:

Great photos!
These Taiwan posts are a lot of fun.
Thanks for making time to share yours days with us readers.
Wonder Pens replied:
Thanks for following along, as always :)

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