New summer Safaris! They are the ultimate in tropical summer fun.


I am loving the dual colours on pens, especially when there is a clip involved. It’s nice to have a couple of different Safaris with different ink colours, if you’re that kind of a person (I am). I like my ink colours to be either a very close match to the colour of the pen or the total opposite (in a mango yellow pen, maybe a dark purple). They don’t have to match in hue, but they have to match somehow.







I hope you’re well on your way to some summer fun wherever you are. Plan a little adventure for an hour or an afternoon, maybe. Bring a notebook in case of sudden inspiration, or doodling. Let me know how it goes.


*This photo is actually from me watching the two girls run around chasing each other while Caleb was at his kung fu thing but I will take the adventures I can get. 


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June 10, 2024 — Liz Chan



Nina said:

I also match my inks to my pens! I keep having to buy new pens whenever I find an ink that I love so that it can have a permanent (matching) home :P It’s just so satisfying
Wonder Pens replied:
Isn’t that just the way it goes? Your pens and ink need friends to stick with. Glad to hear they are so happy with you :)

Susan Noguchi

Susan Noguchi said:

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blogs/emails :)
Wonder Pens:
Thank you so much for following along with us!

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